Carson City Citibank building torn down

The former Citi Bank is reduced to rubble on Tuesday.

The former Citi Bank is reduced to rubble on Tuesday.

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Tearing down the old Citibank Building at 308 N. Curry St., a decision disclosed last week by Steve Neighbors of the Hop and Mae Adams Foundation, was done less than two weeks into 2016.

The bank building came down Monday and Tuesday.

The property and building were purchased by the foundation, the structure was gutted, and plans were drafted last year to use the shell in a rehabilitation project at the southwest corner of Telegraph Square.

The shell, however, didn’t work for adding a third floor.

“We’ll tear it down to the foundation and then check the foundation,” said Neighbors, who heads the Adams unit formed by the late owners of the Carson Nugget casino. Adams’ holdings he oversees include much downtown property.

Neighbors said he and his advisers decided building anew rather than renovating to add a floor would be better due to cost and because 21st safety standards are best.

The structure envisioned for the site, which is a block west of North Carson Street in the heart of downtown, would include retailing and offices on two floors, with apartments both on a third story and nearby. Garages and parking are included.

Neighbors disclosed his decision on razing the 1960s bank building rather than using the shell during a wide-ranging interview for an article detailing Carson City commerce in 2015 and prospects for this year.

In it, he said he also is working this month on the Capitol Mall North project proposed for east of the Nugget casino between North Carson and Stewart streets, also at the heart of downtown Carson City.

More ambitious and expected to take longer, Capitol Mall North was proposed in initial plans to include a hotel, office buildings and conference space, parking garages, a green plaza and an auditorium.

Both the westside former Citibank idea and the eastside mall concept last year received initial city government approvals, but more oversight action by the city likely would be required as changes in those plans develop.

A plaque at the site reads: “The Governor’s House — Carson City, Nevada — On this site in 1862 was built the stately brick home of J. Neely Johnson, former governor of California 1856-58 — Hence the name, ‘Governor’s House.’ Johnson was president of the Nevada Constitutional Convention in 1864. One of the first luxurious homes in the valley, the Governor’s House was distinguished for social affairs and dignified by political meetings. Nevada constitutional papers were said to have been signed here. Later owners were Dr. Anthony Huffaker, 1902, and Dr. James Thom, 1931. The century-old residence was bought by Union Federal Savings and Loan Association in 1962.


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