Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016

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U.S. is doomed if it accepts refugees

Since I emigrated from Austria, I know firsthand what it’s like to go through the process. I wanted to become an American citizen, obey the law and live the American life. I had to study American history, know how to read and write English. I had to have a sponsor and a job secured so I wouldn’t become a burden to society. And that’s the way immigration should be.

Now look at Europe, especially Germany and Austria who took in “Syrian refugees” by the thousands. Also the Nordic countries are overwhelmed and have closed their borders. The pharmacies need armed guards with dogs outside, and so do the hospitals. These refugees bring diseases the West has never heard of, and the refugees expect everything for free. They steal from the stores and their crimes escalate.

If the USA lets these people come in, the U.S. is doomed to the same fate as Europe. These “refugees” don’t integrate with the western world. They don’t speak the language; there are no jobs here for them. We have too many homeless people as it is.

Our government has already spent $1 billion on refugees. It would have been better to build barracks in Syria in a safe zone for them and after the war is over they are right there and can rebuild their country. Or give Jordan, which is willing to take in more of its neighbors, money. There they would fit in, not in U.S. communities.

Think what happened in San Bernardino. That could happen here, too.

Renate McFarland


Trump shouldn’t be president

Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between spirited cheering and unspeakable agonizing should most definitely not be a party frontrunner — much less the president of our United States of America!

Thus the masses of people along the Jersey Shore who, given the circumstances, were accused of cheering, flailing their arms and dancing around when the Twin Towers were hit by planes on 9/11. Yes, those people, all those Jerseyites most assuredly had been wailing, weeping and flailing their arms, but out of dreadful and maddening disbelief — the same as you or I would at the spectacle of such horrendous disasters, especially involving the immense loss of human lives.

By the way, would not the Jersey shoreline be too far away for anyone from New York City to see and know the damning difference? And why would any major media be so concerned with what was going on in Jersey with the New York towers crumbling down? ‘Twould be like someone focusing on a dimmed streetlight when a bright full moon is visible.

Lastly, if Trump does, by any misguided fluke of fate, become our next president, please consider this — you might end up as one of the countless individuals he points his accusatory finger at and sharply snarls, “You’re fired!”

Thane Cornell

Carson City


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