Past Pages for Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2016

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150 Years Ago

Tornado at Genoa. The heaviest tornado ever known occurred in Genoa ... John Davis’ Telegraph Office, Post Office and Stationery store was taken bodily up and carried over the house landing in the back yard taking the wires with it. The front doors were blown in scattering stationery in every direction. Nearly every shed and outhouse in town were blown down.

130 Years Ago

Forty-mile-an-hour winds. Damage was considerable. The front of the old theater was demolished. The windows of the dome of the Capitol were blown in on the west side, the signs of Rail’s store were all blown down and a large cottonwood tree, the largest in Carson in front of General Clarks, was blown down and a shed filled with chickens blew clear across the yard.

110 Years Ago

Sad last rites. The funeral of Jack Cochran took place at the family residence. The beautiful services were read by Rev. Ramsey of the Episcopal Church. The hymn, “Go Bury Thy Sorrow,” was sung by Mrs. E. B. Yerington and Miss Edith Edwards.

70 Years Ago

Advertisement. “Carson Theatre — ‘The True Glory’ — Dwight Eisenhower’s Story of the War. Also, ‘Ten Cents a Dance’ a Disney cartoon.”

50 Years Ago

School dress. James R. Trucker, who resides on Nye Lane, does not see eye to eye with the County School Board. He appeared before the board to protest a regulation requiring girls to wear dresses to school. He asked the board if there was a state law governing what pupils must wear to school. Robert List, attorney for the board, said there was no state law, but one allowing school the right to adopt regulations.

20 Years Ago

Wayne Newton. Performing to sell-out crowds, Wayne Newton did what he does best. He has gained the label of “Mr. Las Vegas” after 37 years of performing there. Newton originally came to Nevada as a teenager for a two-week gig.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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