Nevada Appeal at 150: April 11, 1935: Carson Water Company will spend $30,000 in improvements

At the meeting of stockholders of the Carson Water Company, steps were taken for making improvements to the system, to cost $30,000. The first and major improvement to be undertaken in the near future will be the laying of a new 12-inch main from the reservoir at the company ranch to Carson Street. This will replace the two smaller mains now supplying the city. Some of the pipe was laid as early as the year 1874.

The lower half of the new main line will be of 12-inch cast iron pipe. From the reservoir and to a point about halfway down to the junction of Carson and Robinson streets, “wrapped” pipe will be laid. This pipe will be dipped in asphaltum, wrapped with fabric, dipped, given a second wrapping of fabric, again dipped and then finally wrapped with heavy paper. This type of main is highly recommended where the pressure is not as great as it is on the lower part of the main serving Carson.

Following installation of the main, as described, other mains in the city will be replaced before the launching of a new paving program by the city authorities. This will avoid, in other parts of the city, the costly installation that will be incurred in laying the new main along the newly-paved Robinson Street.

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.


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