CHS student featured in TEDx Carson City

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Editor’s note: This is the third in a three-part series introducing the speakers for the TEDx Carson City set for April 8 at the Brewery Arts Center, 449 W. King St.


Shaylin Segura is a junior at Carson High School. Although only 17, she has seen the world from the views of diverse points of view as she has been homeschooled, attended two separate church schools and three different middle schools before beginning at Carson High School as a freshman.

She also comes from a multicultural background with a mother born in the United States from Italian descent and a father who came into the United States illegally as a toddler from Mexico. This submersion with the array of kids and teachers and lifestyles has given her a unique perspective and a versatile personality.

Segura will speak at the TEDx Carson City on April 8 about the connection between body and mind.

“Our thoughts affect our body physically and the world around us,” she said.

Segura is passionate about her business class and is the vice president of the New Entrepreneur network. She’s also a national Lincoln-Douglas Speech and Debate competitor, a tennis captain, and singles player. She has played the flute and violin from very young and loves tennis, camping, reading and her bustling family.


Benjamin “Coach” Wade will be one of three performers during the April 8 TEDx Carson City at the Brewery Arts Center.

Wade was a child prodigy on the trumpet, and from ages 8-21, he never lost a single competition. From All-State first trumpet to first chair in the Southwestern United States Honors Orchestra, “Coach” was able to play with some of the greatest trumpet players of the 21st century, including Wynton Marsalis and Doc Severson.

Wade’s pinnacle of success in individual competitions cumulated in 1988 when he won the International Trumpet Guild prestigious CG Conn award for one of the best trumpet players in the world. Wade also performed from 1987-1993 with The New York Metropolitan Opera, The Indianapolis Symphony and The Knoxville Symphony.

However, he put aside trumpet performing for many years to focus on his collegiate soccer coaching career.

In 2003, “Coach” came back to his first love of music and started the Susanville Symphony.

Since then, Wade has been the artistic director of this orchestra and guest conducted all over the world. He’s a prolific composer, having won several awards and critical recognition for his modern compositions.

Wade lives in Susanville, Calif. with his wife and dance studio owner, Jessica Newton, and their two children.


Bailey Gumm, born and raised in Nevada, is a junior majoring in communication at Westminster College in Salt Lake City.

Her younger brother Alex was diagnosed with autism at 22 months old.

Gumm has seen and lived the effects of autism directly through her lens as a sister. She took on the role as an autism advocate at a young age.

For the last six years, Gumm has been a titleholder in the Miss America Organization with autism awareness as her platform.

This past summer, Gumm was awarded the Miss America Community Service award for her work within the autism community.

Gumm is also a board member for the Autism Coalition of Nevada, and is a blog writer and featured sibling advocate for the national autism organization Autism Speaks.


Audrey Markowitz has extensive experience as a public speaker and trainer in industry as well as teaching public speaking as a college professor. Among the many different workshops she developed, one focused on how to take what you do seriously, but take yourself lightly.

She did it by teaching people how to juggle.

Audrey has incorporated her experiences as a vice president of human resources and as a public speaker into her art, which is on display at the Artisan Store at the Brewery Art Center. She’s also certified to teach Zentangle, which she describes as an “amazing, wonderful, joyful, relaxing, magical, rewarding, and mistake-proof art form.”

She will discuss how the community and her art helped her overcome her recent bout with breast cancer.


Shawn Thomas is a lifestyle entrepreneur focused on contributing to the world through mentoring, coaching and philanthropy.

After the multimillion dollar sale of his company, Shawn has embarked on the next chapter in his life — to share the business and lessons he has learned along the way.

As a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Shawn has the freedom and flexibility to work around things he’s passionate about without the worry or stress of earning an income and tens of thousands of followers from all the over world tune in to see how he has created his success.


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