Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2016

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Do not let highway robbery happen again

In the Appeal there was an article, “Board grapples with street finance.” I have a problem with this because in 1996 a 5-cents-a-gallon city bypass tax with a 25-year sunset was approved. Since that vote the bypass work was slowed and money was short, so the I-580 to Highway 50 W. bridge was canceled and a stoplight put in its place to save millions.

Where did all that money go? Well, the city needed money for street maintenance and the bypass money was commingled into our street repair fund without the voters’ permission. How many millions were diverted over the years for this? If this money was not commingled away, was there enough beforehand to build this bridge?

Our city managers cannot be trusted because the bypass fund has already been misappropriated and sidetracked. Now the city managers are asking the voters to approve gasoline tax indexing so money can be raised to repair the streets.

The bypass fund has been misappropriated already for its intended use, so what makes you think if a major need comes up in the future this index fund won’t be commingled and directed for another use not approved by the voters?

The chances of the above happening is too great because of the past history of our city managers, so the only alternative is for voters to vote no on this proposed gasoline indexing tax. I urge you to do so because we cannot trust our city managers to manage tax money. Do we need highway robbery to happen again?

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City


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