Letters to the editor for Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016

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Global warming is not yet an exact science

Al Gore predicted on Jan. 25, 2006, “Unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases are taken within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point of no return.” (Chronicled by CBS News — Sundance Film Festival)

How accurate were the thermometers 100 or 200 years ago? Were readings faithfully recorded all day and night? Automatic temperature recording equipment is a recent invention.

It is insufficient to use spot temperatures on the globe to predict future global events. Carson City may have reached 75 degrees on a certain day 150 years ago, but where was that particular temperature recorded and how much of the surface area attained that temperature, and how long was that specific temperature maintained?

Not until satellites could look at the “total” globe, measure its true average temperature over time, can we use those figures to build a global model.

Also, carbon dioxide is labeled as the main culprit causing global warming. CO2 makes up about 0.03 percent of our atmosphere, water vapor (humidity) makes up between 0.1 percent and 3 percent, depending on time and location. That means water is between 3 to a 100 times as abundant while having the same effect on global warming.

The scientific method requires us to make observations, this lead theory, then we have to create a model that accurately duplicates the original observations. Until these steps are faithfully followed, the present alarm of global warming is only a theory.

Herb Jesse

Carson City


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