Several scams reported in Carson City

Several scams have been reported recently, and Carson City residents are advised to be cautious when handing out money or information to unknown persons.

Sheriff Ken Furlong said the Carson City Sheriff’s Office has received several reports of callers pretending to be companies or agencies asking for money. However, reputable businesses and persons won’t ask for money or personal information over the phone, Furlong said.

“My best advice is whenever you are dealing with someone make sure they are who they say they are,” Furlong said.

Recent scams have claimed to be agencies such as the FBI, IRS, a job-hiring agency and NV Energy. Individual residents aren’t the only ones reporting scams. Bella Fiore Wines reported that they received a call from a fake NV Energy, demanding an immediate payment of hundreds of dollars or risk shutting off the power, said Furlong.

“Never accept calls asking for money or circumstances if you don’t anticipate that call,” Furlong said.

If you suspect a caller is trying to scam you, immediately hang up and call the Carson City Dispatch Center. To verify that the caller is from a legitimate business or company, look up the company’s phone number and check with a representative. Do not call back the number given to you by the scammer. Furlong said even he has hung up on a legitimate caller before, but when he checked with the company he determined it wasn’t a scam.

“A legitimate business will appreciate when you follow up to make sure they are the ones contacting you,” Furlong said. “No reputable business or company will bock at you for making sure you are checking and being safe.”

When dealing with an exchange of money or items, the Sheriff’s Office also provides a safe place for exchanges so that both parties can feel comfortable. If you can’t contact a company or caller in person, be suspicious, Furlong said.

“It is a small chore that would save you a lot of money,” Furlong said.

Furlong also advises residents to spread the word on scammers to their friends and family because Carson has been hit hard in the last few weeks with false callers.

To report a scam or participate in the Safe Zone exchange program, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2500 or visit the station at 911 E. Musser St.


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