Electric/gas bills to rise in Northern Nevada

While Southern Nevada customers of NV Energy will get a bit of a break, the cost of electricity and gas for those in the north is going up.

The Public Utilities Commission has approved the utility’s application to raise Northern Nevada rates by an average of 3.16 percent. That will add $2.60 a month to the average residential bill.

That puts the average residential electric bill at about $82.

Rates for other classes of customers, however, will go up a bit more than the residential charges since the overall rate increase will be a hair more than 4 percent.

In addition, natural gas customers in Reno will see an average 0.11 percent increase in their rate, which will work out to about a nickel on the average residential bill.

By contrast, the average electric rate will go down 0.59 percent in Southern Nevada — about 84-cents a month.

The changes were proposed by the utility following a review of the reasonableness of the existing rate structure.


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