Letters to the editor for Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Time for a change in Carson City’s Ward 4

Jim Shirk, taking his cues from our Republican dominated Congress, has become Carson City’s very own “Dr. No” and brags about his negative record in a bid to mask his lack of accomplishments.

Mr. Shirk prides himself on opposition to the downtown project and overdue underground utility work there, ignoring the heart of that project, the centerpiece plaza, as well as other major improvements which come tied to the same capital upgrades program.

His negative votes on other infrastructure proposals have continued apace; he would have withheld part of the funding to build the athletic center. Even worse, Mr. Shirk opposed desperately needed and long deferred maintenance for the wastewater treatment plant, along with water system improvements. This, even though he acknowledged previous boards had dropped the ball on keeping the sewage plant up to date.

Fortunately, Mr. Shirk’s view rarely prevails and he has been unable to convince beleaguered city staff or colleagues that ignoring facts and reality is a good governing strategy.

Mr. Shirk is not an evil or unintelligent person and his concern for Carson City is to be admired; his approach to governance, not so much.

It’s time for a change.

Mr. John Barrette offers a vision that recognizes improvements delayed throughout the recession are significant and that maintenance deferred is a ticking time bomb for the city’s budget. I believe John Barrette to be the smart choice for supervisor from Ward 4.

Steve Waclo

Carson City


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