I found Ms. Strong’s article and self described factual report on Donald Trump titled “Donald Drumpf, Boy Wonder” an interesting bit of opinion.

Ms. Strong prefaces the article with a cautionary “It’s all fact” and goes on to portray the front-running presumed Republican nominee for President in less that flattering terms. What is lacking in this article is a full measure of comparative anaylsis and objective evaluation of both candidates. Instead, Strong simply hammers out a tired campaign phrases and worn-out myths from the Democrat forge in an attempt to create a less than complimentary picture of Trump.

Missing from Strong’s article which is more or less held out as objective is a comparative anaylysis of the two candidates. Hillary Clinton, compared to Trump, would have been a ,more objective and fiar-minded approach. However, Ms. Strong refused to approach this compare and contrast method in all likelihood because Clinton would not withstand the scrutiny of such a comparison. Nothwithstanding that Strong’s biasis plkainly obious to the reader, at least some of heer facts do not hold up to simple examination — U.S> immigration documents show the Trump family name to have been shortened from “Trumpf” not “Drumpf” as Strong claimed in her articl (so much for “This is all fact.”)

No mention is made in the article of the article of Mr. Trump’s contribution to employment in Nevada or his overhwleming victory in the Nevada primary among Republican voters. Similarl y, no mention of made of Ms. Clinton’s violations of the law, Travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster, email server scandal, Paula Jones scandal, Norman Hsu, Jorge Carbrera Scandal, sniper fire scandal, White House scandal (theft of government property which the Clintons have never returned).

I appreciate the passion for which Ms. Strong argues her point, but her objectivity is lost in what can only be described as patent bias.

John T. Downs


Editors note: Mr. Downs letter has been trimmed to meet the maximum word count; Ms. Strong writes a column, which is a personal observation that offers opinion just like the columns of Ann Coulter, Michael Reagan, Chuck Muth, etc. Columnists are not required to give both sides like the information one would find in a news article.


Editor: I understand our “linguini-spined” RINO governor is “not” going to the Republican National Convention. Why doesn’t he just endorse “Crooked Hillary”?

He knows that if she is the next president, the Supreme Court will be loaded with liberal judges to the point where the First and Second Amendments will be history in 10 years. But he obviously doesn’t care. It’s all about “Power and Money” in today’s American politics.

Maybe he’ll be one of the judges. He’s not the only one. Sen. Dean Heller won’t endorse Trump either. I heard he got a call from his boss, Harry, The Weasel, Reid not to do it. Years ago, when I lived in Oregon, there was a popular bumper sticker that read, “Don’t Californicate Oregon.” They didn’t listen and looked what happened. Goodbye Nevada.

Norv Azevado




Mrs. Clinton remarked about a dog following Republicans around and barking every time they lied. If Mrs. Clinton had that dog following her around and barking every time she lied, the poor dog would have laryngitis!

Judith L. Wooley




Eighteen years ago William J Bennett wrote The Death of Outrage. There has been no resurrection. The political seal on the tomb has been strengthened time and again.

Can we call forth a restoration of the outrage that made our nation great? Outrage at the loss of our constitutional right to govern ourselves. Outrage that government has exploded far outside its sole responsibility to protect our right to govern ourselves! Outrage that the murder of babies must be allowed, that the logo on our public restrooms be dictated, that we be told what to teach our own children, when and where and how we can pray, that we must conduct business by violating our own conscience, that chaplains and pastors abandon their values.

That the tragic scourge of human trafficking is largely ignored in this land of the free. That billions of dollars are sent to nations that despise us, burn our flag, and pledge to destroy us along with Israel, our most loyal ally! That dangerous droves invade us, determined to twist our freedom into their degrading Sharia law. Outage at the infringement of our Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor

prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Are these not just cause, if you please, for a massive outpouring of outrage? First and foremost, outrage at our own indifference to the sad state of affairs. Massive personal repentance is due. Take time to pray. Stand up for truth and common sense. Resist the path of least resistance. Stop letting others do our thinking for us. Put our outrage to good use. Let our voice be heard by those who strip away our rights. Tell the Lords and Ladies on the Hill where we stand. “We ought to obey God rather than man.”

Let government by the government, and for the government perish from the earth.

Mary Glaesman



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