Water line break creates Jacks Valley Road sink hole

A sink hole on Jacks Valley Road north of Genoa was caused by a broken water line.

A sink hole on Jacks Valley Road north of Genoa was caused by a broken water line.

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Work to restore water to Douglas County residents living in northwestern Carson Valley is underway.

A waterline broke Saturday, creating a 6-foot-wide sink hole on Jacks Valley Road.

Repairing the water line is complicated by its location 15 feet below the surface of the road, and in the vicinity of a gas line and fiber optic cables.

Crockett Construction is working with county road crew members and utilities on the excavation.

As of Monday afternoon, county spokeswoman Melissa Blosser said it was likely crews will be working late at night to repair the leak.

Summit Plumbing working is working with Douglas utilities to cut-in an in-line valve to isolate the lower Montaña water tank. This will allow us to deliver water from Genoa Lakes. This will eliminate the need to truck water.

The water line has been located, but it is 15-foot deep with a gas line in the excavation hole and unmarked fiber optic lines running parallel to the edge of pavement along the old road bed. Therefore, our efforts are currently limited to the use of a vactor truck for excavation.

Water conservation efforts in place until the final repair is complete.

“We currently do not have an estimated time on repair, but staff is working as quickly as possible,” she said. “We expect that it might take a few days.”


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