Gail Madison

After 65 years on this planet, Gail Madison died on June 6, 2016, leaving a family who loves her and grieves her loss.

Gail was an amazing human being, the type you meet only once in a lifetime. She had a vast love of the arts, and a deep understanding of life and the unspoken. She always inspired others to embrace themselves, and helped them

understand the world.

In life, Gail was a surfer, an artist, a seamstress, a hippie, a gardener, a chef, a scientist, a researcher, a jokester, a critic and, when she liked you, your devoted friend. Her family was her life, food, water and air.

Gail moved to the Carson Valley in 1986, and lived the past thirteen years in Carson City. Gail was a cornerstone of the family, contributing her love, intellect and unique way of looking at life, and extending her infinite heart to those she met. Many people loved her although she cherished privacy and solitude. She treasured watching Ellen DeGeneres and Ellen’s message to “Be Kind”, which is the message she would hope to see carried on in the world.

Surviving Gail is her husband, Gerald Madison, her son Scott Lomill, and her daughter Leah Madison.

Gail did not want a large farewell, and her family honored her wishes by giving her a simple cremation.

We will miss Gail’s presence forever, knowing that although the physical body has completed its purpose, the Life that animated the physical body passed to another world where her Life will soar.


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