Mauga, Chiefs open camp

Kansas City linebacker Josh Mauga, right, and the Chiefs begin training camp this season.

Kansas City linebacker Josh Mauga, right, and the Chiefs begin training camp this season.

Josh Mauga has established himself as a solid defender for the Chiefs in his two seasons.

Now, as he enters training camp this weekend, Mauga’s ready to be more effective on the field and help Kansas City make a deeper run in the playoffs.

“Every year is a new year,” said Mauga, who will travel to Oakland on October 16. “I feel great about the upcoming season. There are lots to look forward to but also lots to get done before the season starts.”

After taking over the starting role when he arrived two years ago when the Chiefs were limited with significant injuries, Mauga showed he belonged in the NFL. The Jets moved on without Mauga, but a call during the summer gave his career new hope.

He went from trying to survive the preseason cuts to No. 2 on the depth chart to taking over a starting linebacker position. Plagued by injuries of his own, Mauga has stayed healthy, for the most part, and is one of the reasons why Kansas City made the playoffs and defeated Houston in the first round.

After spending time in San Diego in the offseason, Mauga’s ready to contribute even more.

“What I look forward to with training camp is the competition,” he said. “I feel like it really brings out the best in you as a player, which in turn, will not only help you grow but it helps the team grow as well. I have a list of things for me to work on this year. But my number one thing is to be more consistent.”

In San Diego, Mauga trained at one of the best sports performance facilities with the main objective to focus on ways to stay healthy while gearing up for another chapter in his NFL career.

“It does an awesome job of keeping me healthy and getting me ready for the upcoming football season,” Mauga said of EXOS.

The Chiefs’ first preseason game is Aug. 13 at home against Seattle, followed by Los Angeles, Chicago and Green Bay to finish the schedule. Kansas City then opens with San Diego on Sept. 11 in Week 1.

Notable games this season include the Jets on Sept. 25 when Mauga will meet his former team for the second time, the Steelers one week later, the Colts in October and defending NFC champ North Carolina on Nov. 13. The Chiefs compete against Denver, San Diego and Oakland in the AFC West.


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