Rosemarie Barrow

Rose marie passed on July 23, 2016. She was born on October 15, 1933 in Canton, Ohio to John Adrian Safron and Mary Ardelean, she had one brother Charles J Safron.

Rose was an animal lover. She had three cats at the time of her passing Sally, Jack, and Gracie. Prior to her passing Rose made sure the three would have a good home with her good friend Susan Clay. Rose was also a regular contributor to the SPCA.

Her kindness was not restricted to the animal world. Rose loved to read. She put this love of reading to good use by teaching persons who could not read; teaching them to read. Rose felt that a persons economic prosperity is directly related to his/her ability to read. She also read graduation papers for Carson City High School students. She was a regular contributor to Habitat for Humanity-Truckee Meadows.

Rose was a graduate of the University of Michigan and her alma mater was never far from her thoughts, and she was a regular donor to the University.

Rose also loved gardening and flowers.

Rose took a long road coming to us in Carson City. She started in Michigan working for Ford Motor Company from whom she earned a retirement. Rose saw that Michigan was in for a long period of poor economics and decided to come west via Las Vegas and then to Carson City where she found a home.

In Carson City she worked for the State of Nevada. For many years she worked two jobs one of those being an Avon sales person.

Rose was a lady who required much of herself and little of the human race. Unusual today, she required proper dress, and decorum for herself. Rose was very loyal. For example because she had a retirement from Ford Motor Company; therefore Rose only drove “Ford” automobiles. Rose owned a Ford when she passed.

She is survived by her son Robert Bryce Barrow.

The world is a better place because of Rosemarie Barrow.


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