The Popcorn Stand: Can we get stuff that just works?

Did you ever notice that nothing, like, ever just works anymore? From vending machines that won’t work unless the dollar bill is totally crisp (this really bugs me for some reason) to our computers here at work.

Hopefully, complaining about our computers here won’t get me into too much trouble, but it would be nice if these computers, just like, worked. I think that can be said about any of our technology, really. Or anything, really.

Stuff that works. That’s all I want, stuff that works. That’s why this is one of my favorite songs.

But maybe I’m just an old fuddy, duddy. I have to admit when it comes to technology, I learn and do the bare minimum. But I only learn enough for what’s useful.

I have a Twitter account, but it’s no longer useful to me. I haven’t used it in years and certainly don’t remember the password. (If I had my choice, the only Password I would know is the old game show hosted by Alan Ludden).

I do know people my age tend to use Facebook. Millennials tend to use Twitter.

Either way, all I want is stuff that works.

— Charles Whisnand


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