Letters to the editor for Friday, June 10, 2016

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Donald Trump is not qualified to govern

I spent 32 years in corporate management where my goals were profit driven, and I also was president of three home owner associations where my goal was to govern to improve the quality of life and property values for the members of the association. In management I could dictate direction, but in governing I had to get consensus. It took time to learn how to do each, and I learned from the bottom up.

Donald Trump has no experience working within a governing position. His experience has been that of dictating direction, and his motives have always been profit driven. Quality of life of others has not been a concern for him. And yet people really believe he can step into the biggest governing position in the world that deals with quality of life issues having no experience, and be a great leader and make our country great again!

To think he can be an effective president with his limited experience in governing minimizes the importance of the most important governing job in the world, the USA presidency. He is smart enough to learn how to govern, given a few years, but what an enormous price we will pay for his education while he is learning. It’s a foregone conclusion that he would make some big mistakes learning the job, and those mistakes would affect our safety, health and welfare.

As Trump would say, the cost to us for his learning to govern is “HUGE!”

Riley Kerr

Carson City


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