Fireworks rock the Coliseum

Fireworks at a baseball game – it doesn’t get any better.

The Reno Aces are now known for putting on fireworks shows after every Friday night game but if you get a chance to branch out to the big leagues, do it.

The Oakland A’s hosted the Angels last weekend with Friday’s opener being one of a handful of fireworks nights at the coliseum. Friday night was our second time watching the A’s put on another great show.

Different than your typical Aces display, the A’s show lasts nearly 30 minutes and fans get to watch it from the field. How often do you get to step on a major league field and to top it off, watch a great fireworks display? But what made Friday’s show special was the theme.

Baseball movie music played throughout the coliseum as each set of fireworks catered to the various movies. “The Natural,” “Field of Dreams,” “The Sandlot,” “Rookie of the Year,” “Major League,” “Bull Durham” and “Angels in the Outfield” highlighted the evening, bringing back memories of some of cinema’s best sports movies. The best display, though, was “Angels in the Outfield” as the sky rained with gold sparkles coming down onto the stadium.

Getting to enjoy moments like these, especially with your family, is highly recommended. Oakland has its next show in August when John Williams’ “Star Wars” score invades the Bay Area.

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Flops, sucker punches and a stunning collapse.

The NBA Finals, a rematch of last year’s series, came down a Game 7 on Father’s Day as Golden State blew a 3-1 series lead as Cleveland claimed the title in Oakland. The series proved and revealed many things, including Cleveland snapping a long professional sports championship losing streak and LeBron James inching closer to Michael Jordan status.

While the series had its good moments, though, it was marred by questionable officiating, a controversial suspension and cold shooting from the NBA’s best 3-point shooting team in history. The Cavs deserved the title as it held the Warriors offense, especially Steph Curry.

I’m just glad the series is over as it’s been a tough month for the Warriors and the Sharks, who lost in the Stanley Cup. Here’s to hoping that the Giants don’t disappoint. It is an even year, after all.

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Are you excited for the football season yet?

Training camp begins next month and preseason games are less than two months away. Lots of questions need to be answered going into camp, especially with the 49ers quarterback situation, but it’s relieving to have football on the horizon.

The college season should be exciting, including Nevada in its third season under Brian Polian. Will this be the year he gets the Wolf Pack over the hump and to an eight- or nine-win season? If anything, at least Mackay Stadium will become a better venue for watching games after the renovation finishes in August.

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