The Portuguese Festa queens

Vera Vaz

Vera Vaz

Three Portuguese Festa queens give a brief overview on who they are.


My name is Kenna Hamlin, and I am this year’s Senior Queen. I am 15 years old, a freshman at Churchill County High School.

I have enjoyed playing soccer and basketball for my school this year. I have participated in lots of sports my entire life and have a fierce love of the Golden State Warriors.

My parents are Brent and Stephanie Hamlin, my maternal grandmother is Jane Wallin and my paternal grandparents are Dan and Susie Hamlin.

I personally have participated in the Portuguese Festa since I was 2 years old, yet my family on my mother’s side have been participating in festas for over 50 years. I am one-eighth Portuguese from my maternal grandmother’s side. My great great grandfather, Joseph Chaves, came to the United States from the Azores island of Pico, off the coast of Portugal. My great great grandmother, Julia Mary Alameda, and her family also came to the United States from the island of Sao Miguel, Azores. Julia and Joseph soon were married and settled in California as ranchers. The county where Joseph, Julia and her family lived was later named Alameda County.

I am extremely thrilled to be this year’s Senior Queen, and I hope you all can join our celebration tis weekend at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.


I am Vera Vaz, this year’s Portuguese Festa Queen. My parents are Apollo and Prima Vaz. I am in the seventh grade at Churchill County Middle School. I like soccer, basketball, track, swimming, ballet, jazz and 4-H.

My grandparents, Leandro and Vera Vaz (from my dad’s side), and my grandfather, Marcelino Vaz (from my mom’s side), were born in Goa, India. At the time, Goa was ruled by the Portuguese and was given the same civic privileges as Lisbon. This is how I have some Portuguese in me.


Hi my name is Ellie June Machado, I am this year’s Mini Queen, and I am 5 years old. I am in pre-school at East Valley Elementary School in Fernley. My parents are Joe and Cyndi Machado, I have one brother named Joey and my grandparents are George and Linda Machado.

I love horses and everything to do with horses. One day I want to be a horse trainer like Clinton Anderson. I also like to play with my dogs and fish with my dad on the chair at Pyramid and go camping.

I am Portuguese from my great grandpa Bill Machado. His mother, my great great grandma Lucy, ran the IDS in Oakley, Calif., for many years, and I know she’d be very proud for me being this years Mini Queen.


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