Letter to the editor for Thursday, May 26, 2016

Supervisor Shirk’s rebuttal to pay increase

In response to Tim Kosier’s letter to the editor dated May 20, and due to the inaccuracies that led to social media comments, I would like to mention the following.

Regarding the recent salary adjustment for the sitting supervisors, this pay adjustment, as always, was granted by the Nevada Legislature. They mandatorily set the pay for the local constitutional officers such as the District Attorney, Assessor and Treasurer. However, for local board positions like the Carson City Board of Supervisors, the amount is determined by the state for an adjustment to the salaries but left to each individual supervisor to accept.

My present hourly rate is $11.29. With the 3 percent increase the hourly rate will become $11.63 per hour, which equates to approximately $704.50 annually. How this can be construed by some as “the funding of his own wallet” is ridiculous.

The letter also stated: “Jim Shirk, who votes ‘no’ to funding just about any project that comes before him ...” That comment is misleading. However, if this refers to the massive increases in your water and sewer rates; establishment of the 1/8th of a cent sales-tax; and the narrowing of Carson Street and the millions of dollars it will cost taxpayers — then, yes, I did vote “no” to all of these.

Political rhetoric is strong this time of year. I will not let it deter me from the city business at hand, nor will it influence my vote.

Jim Shirk

Board of Supervisor, Ward 4


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