Watson goes for a pet-a-cure

Watson here, and I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of glamour dude, but recently my mom started complaining that I was ruining her keyboard with my nails. Good grief, she can be so picky!

Well, anyway, mom decided that I should get my nails trimmed. Next thing I knew I was at the Dirty Dawg getting my nails done by Dawn. I learned that dogs have nails, not claws, because claws are retractable and nails aren’t. Cats have all the fun with their switchblade claws.

Dogs need their nails trimmed when the tips touch the floor and the pads are no longer the first part of the paw to touch it. If your paws click when you walk, it’s time for a chop.

It’s hard to put a time on the need for trimming because it depends on what type of surface your dog walks on and how often they walk. I walk on dirt, pavement and grass every day, so my nails can go a long time before they need trimming.

If you decide to trim your dog’s nails but are afraid to because you might draw blood, just remember that we don’t really feel it. If you do draw blood, put a little flour on the nail, and it will stop the bleeding.

On average, dogs need their nails cut every six to eight months. Cats need their claws trimmed when the claws get caught in the rug or material. Again, it depends on the environment and how much they use a scratching post.

Well, I’m embarrassed to tell you, but my mom had my nails painted orange for Halloween. I hope no one at the dog park makes fun of me, but to be honest I look totally cool.

XOXO Watson


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Kathleen Williams-Miller, a CAPS volunteer, contributed this week’s column.


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