Letters to the editor for Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016

More on condition of Jack’s Bar

Regarding the recent article on Oct. 22 concerning the condition of Jack’s Bar, some additional clarification is needed.

In 2003, an item was brought to the Carson City Historic Resources Commission regarding possible demolition of the building due to deteriorating condition. As a National Register listed property, significant at both the state and local level, the Commission strongly recommended that the building be repaired and preserved for future generations. At the time, the Carson City Historical Society expressed some interest in acquiring the property for use as a city museum.

Demolition was not pursued, and over the years, boards were placed on (some) windows but nothing further was done by the owners to further secure the building from the elements. Thanks to the concerns of the Carson City Library Teen Advisory Board, the building is again in the forefront and it was the Carson City Historical Resources Commission, not the Historical Society that was at odds with the current owners regarding demolition.

As recently as four years ago, the Commission chairman met with the owners and favorably discussed plans for rehabilitation of the building.

The Historic Resources Commission strongly supports the preservation and promotion of Carson City’s historic heritage. We are more than willing to cooperate with property owners to find a solution to rehabilitation challenges and wholeheartedly support the preservation of Jack’s Bar and all historic properties in Carson City. We thank the Carson City Library Teen Advisory Board for their concern.

Michael Drews

Chairman of Carson City Historic Resources Commission


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