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Volunteer handing out I Voted stickers after filling out a election ballot at a district voting station

Volunteer handing out I Voted stickers after filling out a election ballot at a district voting station

Election Day is finally here.

All Carson City registered voters can vote today at either the Carson City Community Center, 851 E. William St., or the County Courthouse, 885 E. Musser St.

Polls are open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The County Clerk’s office encourages voters to bring their sample ballots, but voters don’t need them to vote and some inactive voters may not have received one.

The bar code on the ballot enables poll workers to scan names and process people more quickly, and if the ballot is filled out it may help voters vote more expeditiously.

The office says a high turnout is expected, although nearly 57 percent of Carson City’s registered voters already voted during two weeks of early voting that ended Nov. 4 or by absentee ballot.

In 2012, total turnout in the capital was 89.8 percent of voters.

The ballot is long.

In addition to president and vice president of the United States, it includes one U.S. Senate seat; U.S. Representative District 2; State Assembly District 40; Nevada Supreme Court Justice Seats A and E; Court of Appeals Judge Departments 1, 2, and 3; University Board of Regents District 9; State Board of Education District 2; School Trustee Districts 5 and 6; Carson City Supervisor Wards 2 and 4; and Mayor.

There are four statewide ballot questions and one local question.

Statewide, Question 1 is whether to amend the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) to require any person selling or transferring a firearm to have a licensed firearms dealer conduct a background check except under certain circumstances.

Question 2 is whether to amend NRS to legalize recreational marijuana for adults.

Question 3 is whether to amend the Nevada Constitution to require the Legislature to provide by law an open, competitive retail electric energy market.

Question 4 asks whether to amend the state constitution to exempt durable medical equipment from tax.

Carson City Question 1 is about gas tax indexing, which would allow the Carson City Board of Supervisors to raise the motor fuel vehicle tax by up to 3 cents per gallon annually for 10 years.

For any questions, contact the Elections Department at 887-2087.

For updates throughout the day and election results after the polls closed go to


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