Jason Frierson named Assembly speaker for 2017 Nevada Legislature; Aaron Ford named Majority Leader

Just a day after reclaiming the majority in the state Assembly, Democrats named returning member Jason Frierson as their speaker for the upcoming legislative session.

Senate Democrats, who also retook control of that house, unanimously named Aaron Ford of Las Vegas Majority Leader.

Frierson was ousted in the 2014 election when Republicans swamped Democrats, taking a number of seats that are normally considered safe Democratic districts. Frierson ran again this year and reclaimed his seat.

“I am honored and humbled to be returning to the legislature and to be chosen by my colleagues to serve as Speaker of the Assembly,” he said following the vote. “After sitting out during a difficult 2015 session, I am committed to bringing integrity and stability back to the institution of the Legislature.”

In 2015, Republicans took a 25-17 majority in the Assembly. Tuesday, Democrats regained those lost seats and more, finishing the election with 27 of the 42 seats.

He promised more announcements about the party’s priorities and leadership in the near future.

Ford first took office in 2013 and was minority leader for the Democrats in the 2015 session. Both men are Las Vegas lawyers.

Ford also announced his leadership team with Kelvin Atkinson as his assistant, Joyce Woodhouse and Pat Spearman as co-majority whips and Mo Denis as President Pro Tempore.


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