The following cases were heard in the Tenth Judicial District Court before Judge Robert Estes.

A bench warrant was issued for Nathan Cook after he failed to appear in court and apparently has violated his orders from court services.

Ashley Rice pleaded guilty to charges of possession of methamphetamine for purposes of sale. Sentencing will take place in January.

Katlie Lister pleaded guilty to one count of an unauthorized act relating to a controlled substance; according to the court, she attempted to sell hydrocodone tablets. Two additional counts of trafficking a controlled substance and conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance were stricken from the record. Sentencing for the unauthorized act charges will take place in January.

A bench warrant was issued for Mellisa Watts for failing to appear in court. It was noted this was not the first time she has not appeared.

Matthew Clark was sentenced to 24 to 60 months in prison without parole for conspiracy to commit a crime related to the controlled substances act. He was granted 519 days served.

Randy Hutchcraft was sentenced to a suspended sentence of 364 days for charges of attempting to possess a concealed weapon without a permit and placed on parole. The defense argued that he made a poor choice by hiding the weapon as he did, for the safety of those in his vehicle; they felt this, and his freely offering the information to police, were grounds for probation.

Cass Glover was sentenced to 28 to 72 months in prison with probation not to exceed five years for charges of burglary. The court ordered Glover must also pay restitution.

Natalie Chapman pleaded no contest to charges of burglary. She was allegedly caught in the act of preparing to take things from a residence. Sentencing was scheduled for late January.

A one week continuance was placed on Shasta Kelley’s sentencing.

A one week continuance was placed on Bruce Hyatt’s sentencing.

Elvin Martin was sentenced to 114 days in prison for driving under the influence, but was given 114 days credit and ordered to make restitution payments.

James Johnson was sentenced to 24 to 72 months in prison for charges of reckless driving resulting in death or serious injury. According to the court, Johnson was speeding and hit a tree, injuring his girlfriend. He received 112 days time served.

Deputy District Attorney Lane Mills called Johnson a career criminal and noted he had prior charges of battery. Estes also called him despicable and caring only for himself after leaving the scene and not checking his passenger’s injuries in the accident.

Gregory Baltazar was sentenced to 42 to 72 months, and two sentences of 12 to 48 months in prison for three separate charges of trafficking a controlled substance. According to the court, on each occasion, he made deals to sell methamphetamine. Deputy District Attorney Chelsea Sanford argued he is a danger to the community and had to be incarcerated for people’s protection. All three sentences had probation denied and will be run concurrently.


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