Pioneer High School welcomes Safe School Advocate to staff

Danielle Langum, Safe School Advocate at Pioneer High School.

Danielle Langum, Safe School Advocate at Pioneer High School.

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Pioneer High School is fortunate to have hired another caring and talented individual to help maintain a safe learning environment for students.

Danielle Langum, the newest Panther staff member, was hired as the school’s Safe School Advocate. It’s a new grant funded full time position added in Carson City Schools, and highly appreciated.

According to Jason Zona, principal, Danielle quickly established herself as a caring and trusted team member for students, their families, and as a member of the school’s intervention team. Her professionalism, expertise, social intervention skills, and genuine demeanor has made a perfect fit to a top notch team at Pioneer.

When asked about her new position at PHS in Carson City, Danielle wrote:

“Pioneer High School is dedicated to creating a school culture that makes all students feel physically and emotionally safe. This mission is being carried out through a needs-based approach to education, focused on meeting the basic needs of students first so that they can succeed academically. PHS works with each student to ensure that their basic needs are in place to serve as a foundation for learning. A student will find it difficult to focus on learning if they are tired or if they do not have adequate items necessary to learn. Students also need to feel emotionally and physically safe in the classroom as well as at home. The staff works to help students overcome these barriers to education to ensure every student can reach their full potential. Our ultimate goal is to have an onsite Resource Closet with essentials available to students when needed. This initiative is in the early stages but is off to a good start. Pioneer High School’s resource closet was sponsored by the University of Reno Nevada’s Social Work Graduate Student Association’s resource drive this past weekend. The drive collected numerous items that will be made available for the Resource Closet. The closet will help students to be better prepared for academic success.”


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