Board of Supervisor Ward 2 candidate Brad Bonkowski

My name is Brad Bonkowski and I am fortunate to have served as your Ward 2 Supervisor since January 2013. Since then, I have worked hard to address serious deferred maintenance issues, and to get some of the projects completed that our city has been talking about for way too long. I am honored to enjoy the broad-based support of Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike. I consider myself a moderate and I am proud of my ability to pull together various groups and people to reach consensus in a world where there often seems to be little compromise.

As the incumbent, I have the benefit of simply running on my record. This job is unique in that I have to re-apply every four years, and if you, the people (my boss) like the job I’ve done, I get to keep up the good work. With that said, I am pleased to list the following accomplishments:

Spearheaded the revision of city contracts and implemented improved contract management procedures, generating cost savings

Approved the Nevada Humane Society contract to run the animal shelter, generating significant cost savings and efficiencies; broke ground on the much needed new shelter, which was done this week

Worked to lower the property tax rate every year in office

Spearheaded funding mechanism to get the Multi-purpose Athletic Center (MAC) built after more than two decades of delays

Bolstered road repairs by approving transfer of monies from the general fund to the RTC

Spearheaded funding mechanism to improve infrastructure and commercial corridor improvements

Worked to expand Carson City open spaces from 3,500 to nearly 7,000 acres

Kept the city budget under the inflation rate

Reworked the CSSG grant process to increase accountability

Revamped water/sewer rate structure to repair and replace major components of the water treatment plant

Conducted and implemented employee efficiency study

Increased reserve funds

Increased ending fund balances

Currently working on the implementation of a comprehensive asset management plan to resolve ongoing deferred maintenance issues

Since I was elected, I have worked to bring more than 100 new jobs and more than 30 new businesses to Carson City. I also assisted with 9 business expansions. I work daily as an advocate for job creation and widespread economic prosperity. I have successfully owned and operated businesses here for 30+ years. I currently co-own NAI Alliance, the largest commercial real estate firm in town. I have succeeded in business by being fiscally prudent in order to make payroll, control costs, manage employees and streamline business practices — experience that is an asset to the Board of Supervisors.

I have worked collaboratively with my fellow supervisors and the Mayor on various projects. I am not a career politician and I won’t shy away from the hard work that needs to continue to happen to move our town forward and keep our infrastructure in good shape.

The supervisor position is intended to be part-time, filled by active members of our community. Most of your current Board, like myself, have other occupations and are very involved in a wide range of charitable and community organizations.

If I am re-elected on November 8, I want to finish the vital infrastructure improvement projects we have begun while interest rates are historically low. I will also continue to work to enhance, protect and manage the wonderful quality of life we enjoy with our bike and running paths, hiking trails, sports fields, parks and open spaces.

I believe your current Board of Supervisors is putting into place long-term, sustainable solutions designed to increase the operating efficiencies for the future. This will solve many of our current issues with funding of deferred maintenance items and capital projects. Through the implementation of the Arts & Culture master plan and the commercial corridor revitalization, we will create a more vibrant and pedestrian/ bike/ and visitor friendly business district to drive our economy. All of these accomplishments point to a bright future for Carson City. My vision of our town in 2025 is one where our commercial corridors bustle with activity, our schools continue to excel and see national attention, and our citizens continue to enjoy safe and plentiful drinking water, state-of-the art infrastructure, and a culture that fosters creativity, ingenuity, and innovative technology.

Many thanks to the Nevada Appeal for the opportunity to submit this column. I am always happy to speak to or meet with any member of the public to discuss any topic.

Brad Bonkowski can be reached at and or (775) 721-2057.


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