Lady Wave soccer learns from Truckee defeat

Fallon's Maddie Guerrero and Truckee's Lydia Christian face off over the ball.

Fallon's Maddie Guerrero and Truckee's Lydia Christian face off over the ball.

Lady Wave soccer played a tough game Friday, closing out their match against Truckee with a 9-0 loss.

The Lady Wave has an away game against North Tahoe today at 4 p.m.

Both teams played hard, but Truckee’s offense was strong, and the wolverines kept the ball on Fallon’s side of the field for most of the first half. The home team was able to fight back, though, and keep the Lady Wolverines from getting to the net with some strong plays and blocks.

Truckee coach Kevin Nichols said his team moved the ball well and limited the Lady Wave’s chances at scoring. He also liked the Lady Wolverine’s offense and the pressure the girls put on the ball. He said they kept it moving well and away from the Fallon players.

“That’s the simplest thing you want to do, and I think we did that today,” Nichols said.

In the second half, the Lady Wave rallied by putting more pressure on the Truckee team; they constantly pushed into Wolverine territory and took a number of shots at the net. During one play, freshman forward Maddie Guerrero took a shot at the Truckee net, which was blocked by their goalkeeper, and the ball was almost instantly put back in place for another attempt.

Fallon coach Lance Lattin said the players adjusted their strategy and it paid off by allowing them to add pressure. He was confident the match was something the team could learn from for the future and make improvements on.

“We’re a pretty young team and they continue to get better,” he said.

Lattin especially commended Guerrero, noting she was recently brought up from junior varsity and had been a good addition to the varsity team; Lattin said her speed was a big help and she has been quickly getting used to everything.

Kenna Hamlin was also noted for her game. She had several strong plays and was able to make three shots.

“Kenna is a pretty strong player,” Lattin said. “She’s getting better as the season goes.”

Goalkeeper Adelle Brown was also praised for protecting the Fallon net. During the second half she was able to block numerous goal attempts and put the ball back into play to benefit the Lady Wave.

Lattin said they would need to work on limiting their turnovers and keeping possession of the ball, leading up to their next match. Practices will also focus on keeping pressure on the ball during offensive plays and keeping close to the action.


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