Editor: Remember the good old days when politicians of either party were able to work across the aisles to get things done for our state?

Joe Dini was a famous figure for working with the other party to accomplish great things for Nevada. Now his son, George Dini is running for State Assembly District 38.

I think it is time to get a Dini back to work for us. Elect George Dini State Assembly District 38.

John Hartley



Editor: I wish to comment on Dr. Joe Heck’s recent ad that shows Fallon Post members wearing cover in the ad.

I do not wish to comment on the race for senate, but to say that I believe this is a violation of the VFW Constitution. Article IX, section 1 states “...this corporation shall not participate in, or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to, any candidate for public office”.

In addition you may well be in violation of IRS rules governing 501c(3) organizations.

As individuals all veterans are free to express their opinions, but may not use VFW or VVA or American Legion to express their views.

Eric Hobson



Editor: Nevada voters will be getting duped if they believe the falsehood that Question 2, the Marijuana Initiative, will give money to schools. Section 16 of the initiative provides marijuana tax revenues must first go to the Department of Taxation to pay costs of administration and enforcement, then to localities for their costs—anything remaining to the State Distributive School Account.

Individual school districts are guaranteed nothing. Proponents claim a tiny $20 million total will be raised, but the actual amount will likely fall short of even covering the full public and social costs (regulation, enforcement, public health and safety, and substance abuse treatment).

Nevada’s initiative copies Colorado’s legalized marijuana tax scheme. Colorado’s current budget is $27 billion. Their total marijuana tax money for schools is $35 million (that’s 0.13% of the budget). Pot tax money to the Denver Public Schools — $0; to neighboring Cherry Creek Schools – $0.

The only thing legalization of marijuana has brought to Colorado schools has been marijuana.

Mary Henderson


Trump did what HE TO DO

Editor: Hillary’s attack on Trump’s loss write-off shows how ignorant she is. When markets crash, the biggest losers are always those who have gambled everything on their own assets and their own enterprise. Hillary’s view epitomizes what happens when your income for most of your life has come from public taxes, not from hard work and chances capitalist entrepreneurs take.

Actually, you have to admire Donald for turning around his net worth of MINUS a billion dollars to now a plus of somewhere between $3 billion and $10 billion.

Meanwhile, Bill and Hillary manage to skirt the laws regarding limits to political candidates by collecting huge fees for “speaking” engagements. Yes, they managed to avoid limitations by charging $250,000 for giving speeches. Do you earn $10,000 a minute? And did the Clintons risk even a dime doing what they did? Did they ever provide one job for anyone, except maybe for their own household purposes, most often paid by taxpayers?

Do you write off your mortgage interest from your taxes? Does doing that make you feel guilty?

This “leak” of his tax return is no bombshell. Trump did what any of us would do. The only difference is, we deal in hundreds while he deals in millions or billions. Don’t think he doesn’t pay plenty of taxes all over the place, a lot more than most of you reading this, and I, together, will pay in our lifetimes.

Judy Jacobs

Topaz Lake


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