Letters to the editor for Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016

The deadline for election letters was Thursday, Oct. 20. The letters that appear in the upcoming days don’t involved Carson City elections.

Decision time is near

I don’t understand why some people are undecided about who to vote for in the upcoming election or intend to vote for “None of the above” (a wasted vote). It is clear to me that “the establishment” consists of media personalities, long entrenched politicians that want to hold onto their power, and lobbyists that have influence over certain politicians. The establishment doesn’t want change. That’s why they are trying to destroy Trump. It’s why they destroyed Sarah Palin.

To me, Mrs. Clinton represents the known candidate, a history of political corruption, cronyism and disregard of the law. We know what to expect from her: a continuation of the Obama policies. Vast increases in the numbers of immigrants with a probable increase in radical Jihadists among them. No reduction in corporate income taxes to bring the jobs back to the U.S. Liberal appointees to the Supreme Court. Expanded antigun laws. Increased U.N. control of our lives, etc.

Trump represents the unknown candidate. We can’t be sure what to expect form his administration. I want change, and I am willing to gamble. After all, most presidents have been judged not by their individual actions, but by the actions of their appointed cabinet heads and other advisors.

As Jessie Winchester (the “ex-lady of the evening” who ran for a Nevada State political office) stated on the dust jacket of her book: “Prostitutes are business women that rent out their bodes, politicians are whores that sell their souls.” It is time for change.

Don Gurney

Carson City

Although unpolished, Trump tells it like it is

Donald Trump can at times be rough around the edges. He doesn’t mince words! A spade is a spade! He has, however, proven to be a politician when required. He is, in fact, the only presidential candidate in my lifetime (83 years) who has consistently reminded Congress and the administration of their ongoing inability to provide economic security for all. Among other things!

So why did our government choose to perpetrate 36 years of economic injustice on the working class, by doing nothing to improve economic conditions? Why does the government control the economy via the EPA? Why aren’t humans on the endangered species list? Why aren’t 94 million working age people considered unemployed?

What’s so difficult in maintaining a good economy while protecting the environment? If elected, look for Mr. Trump to take advantage of the presidential “bully pulpit” for help in achieving his stated goals. Keeping the people aware of his obstacles and his achievements is just good policy.

Ron Wood


Clinton supporters reek of hypocrisy

I cannot believe how voters are willing to vote for Ms. Clinton who has been selected by the Democrat Party as its candidate for President through a proven fraudulent Democrat Party primary election process. A candidate who has been accused of lying and dishonesty in Congressional hearings by the Director of the FBI. A candidate who is still under further FBI and Congressional investigation for other dishonest and corrupt behavior while serving as Secretary of State.

Would these same voters condone or punish one of their children for committing a dishonest act and then lying about it? I believe that voter would punish their child, but would that same voter then go to the polls and vote for Ms. Clinton? Sounds like a poor moral mind-set to me, reeking of hypocrisy.

George Gerlach


Clinton is unfit to be president

Hillary Clinton and her cohorts stop at nothing in order to meet her objectives, no matter how brutal those objectives may be!

Seeing political commercials saying she has been a life-long advocate for children and women is sickening. Remember: Hillary represented a man who brutally raped a 12-year-old girl and left her to die. The girl remained in a coma for five days and Hillary claimed the victim was at fault because she was attracted to older men and Hillary found it amusing enough to laugh about it. Hillary won her case and there is no evidence that Hillary has changed from that person who had to win no matter the cost. Her power was still evident when four Americans died in Benghazi. Her job was to protect them when help was repeatedly asked for by them.

Hillary supported having thugs threaten safety at Trump rallies. Hillary stated Republicans are more dangerous to the country than ISIS. And she said half of all Republicans are deplorable and irredeemable. She has admitted she has nothing in common with the middle class.

Trump is not a perfect man, though he has been capable of working with people who actually work for a living. I would be comfortable sitting next to him at my kitchen table and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he wouldn’t feel uncomfortable either. He appears to be a genuine person who could listen and respond respectfully. It would be refreshing to have someone somewhat on our side, versus part of the Washington establishment, which is so far removed from our lives we cannot even communicate.

Donna Simpson

Carson City


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