Carson City health inspections for Friday, Oct. 21, 2016

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Oct. 21. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

El Torito Super Mercado, grocery, 304 E. Winnie Lane, Suite 308, scored 100 points.

Carson Lanes, service bar, 4600 Snyder Ave., 100 points.

Genoa Candy and Coffee, 4600 Snyder Ave., Suite C, 100 points.

Kernel’s Popcorn, 4600 Snyder Ave., Suite E, 100 points.

Rand Ave. Convenience Store, 1800 E. Highway 50, Suite 14, 100 points.

Thick Slice Pizza, 2010 E. William St., 100 points.

Applebee’s, bar, 3300 S. Carson St., 99 points. The plumbing was not properly sized, installed or maintained. The drains and plumbing needed to be cleared of food debris.

Applebee’s, restaurant, 3300 S. Carson St., 99 points. Floors were not clean.

Crossroads Lounge, 300 E. Winnie Lane, 99 points. The mop sink wasn’t draining properly.

Carson Lanes, Alley’s Snack Bar, 4600 Snyder Ave., 98 points. Mechanical dish washing facilities weren’t properly maintained or installed. Floors weren’t clean.

Carson Lanes, Eleventh Frame Lounge, 4600 Snyder Ave., 98 points. The ice machine wasn’t clean.

Arco ampm, 4340 N. Carson St., 96 points. Expired canned vegetables were found on the shelves. Ready to eat frozen burritos and other products were found on the shelves without an expiration date.

El Aguila Real, 3220 E. Highway 50, Suite 6, 96 points. Some food items weren’t labeled as required; others weren’t being stored in approved containers. Meat products weren’t separated from vegetable products in the freezer. The floor junctures weren’t properly constructed. Coving around the kitchen needed to be repaired or replaced in several areas.

Jacksons Food Stores, 1400 Rand St., 96 points. The employee hand wash sink was blocked by boxes.

Las Marias Mexican Restaurant, 1939 N. Carson St., 96 points. Chlorine residual was missing from the dishwasher’s final rinse cycle.

San Rafael Coffee Company, 711 S. Carson St., Suite 3, 93 points. Quiche and pumpkin bread from an unapproved source were being sold. Food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils weren’t properly constructed or repaired. A home style toaster was being used to prepare food for the public. The rear cooler wasn’t commercial grade.

El Torito Super Mercado, bakery, 304 E. Winnie Lane, Suite 308, 90 points. Cooked or ready-to-eat foods were cross contaminated as a result of being improperly stored. Equipment and kitchen surfaces needed to be cleaned. Food contact surfaces of equipment or utensils weren’t properly constructed or repaired. Floors weren’t in good repair.

El Torito Super Mercado, meat department, 304 E. Winnie Lane, Suite 308, 90 points. Readily perishable cold foods were being held above 46 degrees. Ice and other foods in the freezers were being improperly stored under meat products. Food contact surfaces such as the meat slicer weren’t clean. Floor junctures were improperly constructed.

Golden Dragon Restaurant, 3250 Retail Drive, Suite 150, 81 points. Eggs weren’t being correctly stored in the walk-in refrigerator. Boxed food was found on the floor of the walk-in freezer. A bag of rice was found on the floor of the dry storage area. The bathroom doors weren’t self-closing, repeat violation. Disposable paper towels were missing from the employee hand wash sink near the cooking bank, corrected on site. Garbage storage container lids were open. Spilled grease was found on the concrete floor in the waste storage area. There was no certified food handler on site, repeat violation.


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