Teri Vance: Nevada Day Journey in Carson City always worth taking

My husband has never been to the Nevada Day Parade. He’s lived here more than a decade and has never been to the parade. I’m dumbfounded by that.

But it’s about to change.

I’m judging the Nevada Day Beard Contest again this year, which will be on the stage in McFadden Plaza, and we will be downtown in the thick of things.

As is my custom, I turned to social media for advice in what things I should make sure he doesn’t miss during today’s Nevada Day celebration.

A friend from Elko High School, Emily Cardenas, made the most obvious recommendation, “Be in Carson City ... Las Vegas doesn’t do it right!”

She’s right. No one knows how to do it like the capital city.

Danielle Cook recommended “good walking shoes.” When I covered the event for the Nevada Appeal, I walked miles — after running the Nevada Day Classic, which begins 8 a.m. in Telegraph Square. So that is sound advice every parade-goer should follow, as just getting to Carson Street from where you can find a parking spot may be a hike in itself.

Brett Fisher advised arriving early to find a place to sit.

“Get a space on the east side curb,” he said. “You get the sun in your eyes and in your face on the west side. Also, if you sit down by the Carson Mall, Dutch Bros. is right there for a spontaneous coffee fix.”

As we all know, October weather in Nevada is unpredictable at best.

John Hoepfer recommends preparing for any temperature.

“Flip flops and a parka,” he said.

And if it gets too cold, Tammy Hewlett has a solution, “Get bloody Marys at The Timbers to stay warm.”

Jeff Moser warned of the trinkets being sold along the route.

“Parade goers should have a high tolerance for the raucous monotones of the vuvuzela,” he said. (The vuvuzela is that long, plastic stadium horn – I had to Google it).

But that’s not the only loud noise to be prepared for.

“Wear diapers for when the shotgun guys do their thing,” Heather Templeton wrote. “Nothing can prepare you, so take precautions.”

More than one person recommended watching the World Championship Single-Jack Rock Drilling Contest, which is moving to the parking lot of the old Citibank, 308 N. Curry St., this year.

“Attend the rock drilling competition,” said Becky Bosshart. “It is by far the best time on the parade route.”

Donna Piccolino Simms encouraged people to, “stay for the street party later!”

But perhaps the best piece of advice came from Janet Baker, president of Nevada Day, Inc. Simply put, she said you have to come back year after year.

“You can’t really see, encompass and enjoy everything in one year,” she said. “There is entirely too much to do. To see the way the parade entrants interact with the crowd and vice versa is always amazing. You actually see memories being made and that’s always a blessing. Go with these things in mind and enjoy the experience. It’s a journey well worth taking.”

Teri Vance is a journalist, freelance writer and native Nevadan. Contact her with column ideas at terivance@rocketmail.com.


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