Letters to the editor for Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016

Hopefully horse group is putting money where it’s needed

Regarding Horse Power license plates — after viewing your advertisement three times on Channel 4, I was told the ad also ran during the Olympics. I would like an accounting of exactly where the dollars you receive from the plates are going.

Recently I viewed your 2012 tax return. In this you receive from license plates more than $100,000 and you take a salary of $35,000, yet last year you gave out 5 percent with the remaining amount going to the horses you rescued and have in your possession. You discontinued grants to people who depended on those dollars. How is it that you can afford to buy airtime, when these dollars would be better spent on helping the people who work for no salary, spend their own money and work nonstop to protect the safety of our local wild horses? Do you help support any of the local groups?

If I am to continue to support your cause I need to know all the money is going to not only the horses you have rescued, but also to our local horses and the people who work nonstop, by fixing fences, improving water sources, finding homes for orphan foals, rescuing injured horses and to get a cooperative agreement initiated so local wild horse advocates can assist in the safety of our Virginia Range horses. Your horses are protected and fed — the horses on the range need all the help we Northern Nevadans can give. I would certainly hope the money we give to you finds its way where it is needed.

Lisa Rogers


They call it entitlement

Did you know that our government actually changed the definition of entitlement?

I am furious to hear them call it entitlement, so I looked it up in the thesaurus, to my amazement it says, “A government program providing handouts to members of a specified group.” Then I looked it up in Webster’s Dictionary from the late 1970s and it says, “To qualify a person to do something.”

I find this infuriating that they could change the meaning of a word to cover the embezzlement of more than $2 trillion of our money. Any one of us would be in jail. It’s not an entitlement! This is our money that our employers and we have paid into for retirement. They say that Social Security is one of the largest expenses they have. This should not cost them a dime. How much interest have we lost on a $2 trillion plan?

In the 50 years of work I have put in, I never saw a box on the paycheck stub that says entitlement tax.

Lane LePera

Carson City

On Raiders making move to Las Vegas

If the voters, politicians or other powers that be don’t “make it happen” (work) as Mr. Santoro suggests and bring the Raiders to Vegas, they will have surely shot themselves somewhere higher up the male anatomy than just the foot!

Chuck Byrne

Carson City

Justice Department failed by not charging Clinton

The Associated Press reported that the former Navy Seal who wrote a book about his role in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden will pay the federal government more than $6.6 million for violating non-disclosure agreements and publishing without getting the document cleared by the Department of Defense, according to federal documents.

Roll back the clock. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent classified material on her private email. During the FBI investigation, that fact was substantiated along with other erroneous information, and yet the FBI or Justice Department would not prosecute. Is there something wrong here?

If you have ever handled classified information for the federal government, you would realize the stringent rules and regulations that were broken.

Murl Williams



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