Man dead after deepwater dive

A 63-year-old man died while diving off Glenbrook on Monday.

Washoe County Marine 9 responded to a report of a scuba diver in distress, and found the man was undergoing CPR. The diver was transported to Glenbrook Pier where Tahoe Douglas Fire District paramedics continued life-saving efforts.

Undersheriff Paul Howell said those efforts were unsuccessful, and the victim was pronounced dead.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office initial investigation established the victim was diving with two friends off of Glenbrook at the wreckage of the SS Tahoe in about 360 feet of water, Howell said.

“The victim and his diving companions are experienced divers and had completed a similar dive at the same wreckage the day before,” Howell said. “Early in this dive the victim made an emergency ascent to the surface for unknown reasons. When he reached the surface he was unconscious and not responsive.”

The identity of the victim is being withheld until the next of kin is notified. The investigation continues.


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