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150 Years Ago

“Butte” peach: In 1852 a lady visited Marysville and procured a few large peaches preserving the pits. They were planted on the ranch of G. W. Brooks, near Bidwell Bar. Some of the trees from these were transferred to the ranch of J. M. Burt. The name “Butte” was bestowed upon them and taken particular pride in having them. Two of them fell into the hands of the lady who had furnished the pits for planting and after 14 years, she recognized them. This is pretty good evidence that both the lady and the peaches have excellent taste. (Oroville Record)

130 Years Ago

Wizard Oil Company: Wizard Oil opera company gave its first performance in front of the Ormsby House in an open carriage, and it was a better concert than most travelling troupes. The bass is the finest and the tenor remarkable. He had taken out a county license and would sell oil and give concerts just outside the city limits at the North end of town. There was a big crowd at the concert, and they bought a lot of Wizard Oil (patent medicine).

110 Years Ago

Presbyterian steel ceiling: The old roof of the church sprung a leak last spring and a portion of the ceiling was badly spotted and plastering fell. The roof had been replaced by a new one, but the ceiling is still an eyesore. The Ladies of the Endeavor Society elected to have the plaster removed and a steel ceiling substituted. It will last a long time.

70 Years Ago

Engagement: Mrs. M. G. Brown of Seattle, Wash., announced the engagement of her daughter, Ruth, to Pete Pierini, son of Salvatore Pierini of Carson City. She is the sister of Mrs. Charles Felesina. The two plan to make their home in Carson City.

50 Years Ago

Bonnie O. Reid: Members of the Methodist church will honor Bonnie O. Reid by renaming the parsonage at 412 W. Musser the “Bonnie O. Reid Christian Education Center” in honor of her years of service to the church. She is the oldest member of the church. She was born in Michigan in 1887 and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1910, taught Latin and German in Midwestern high schools. In 1912 she came to Nevada, taught languages later becoming a secretary working for John Bray, superintendent of instruction and in 1918 for the Highway Department. She served in various branches of church work — Sunday school superintendent, treasurer of the Ladies Aid and Finance Commission secretary ...

20 Years Ago

Skateboard park: Headway is being made to build a skateboard park at Mills Park. Virginia Orcutt and Ed Shaw say they have rounded up the materials needed to build the 12,000 square foot park.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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