View from the Past

100 Years Ago

Hurt by a Horse. Frank Cushman was quite badly hurt this week when his horse fell with him in a muddy ditch. In the struggle, the horse hit him on the back of his head, making an ugly wound. He was otherwise bruised and shaken up. They were riding after cattle near the Calvada ranch. Ed Harriman got a buggy and took him to the Downs ranch where they were met E. S. Berney who rushed him to town. The doctor was obliged to take several stitches in the wound. Frank is feeling pretty stiff and sore, but will soon be ready for another roundup.

Churchill County Eagle — September 9, 1916.

Fine Exhibits of Stock and Produce at State Fair. The 1916 Nevada State Fair brought together the finest exhibit of livestock ever brought together in the state. This included a great deal of fine dairy stock from the Truckee-Carson project, and in all will serv as a stimulus to the raising of better stock.

Churchill County Eagle — September 16, 1916.

75 Years Ago

New styles in furs for 1942 were displayed in a novel live animal fur review held on the million-dollar pier in Atlantic City. The girls were shown wearing the coats and leading by leash some of the animals from which milady’s coats are made.

Churchill County Eagle — September 16, 1916

50 Years Ago

Rest Areas to be Developed on Highways. The Nevada State Highway intends to concentrate on the development of rest areas on interstate highways. Since the signing of the Highway Beautification Act by President Johnson, Nevada has joined other states in planning to carry out the three-fold purpose of the Act, which includes control of highway advertising, control pf junk yards and landscaping and scenic enhancement.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — September 16, 1966.

Check for Library in Hand. A Fleischmann Foundation check for $111,208 arrived for the construction of the new public library. If that amount had been in pennies it would have taken more than three people to hold. As it was, it only took a flick of the wrist by Liberian Dora Witt and Board of Trustees Chairman Bill Davis to put the money into safe keeping in a special Gift Fund to be used for library construction.

Fallon Eagle-Standard — September 23, 1966.

From the Past….Stories from the Churchill County Museum Archives, researched and compiled by Cindy Loper, Churchill County Museum assistant.


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