Like a headless chicken

Donald Trump flip-flops more than a chicken which haws just had its head cut off. If you’ve never seen it, you’ll just have to take my word.

Candidate Trump spent a year and a half telling us that NATO was obsolete to the point where many actually believed he would pull us out of NATO should he be elected. After one meeting, ONE, with NATO chief General Jens Stoltenberg, President Trumps says NATO is no longer obsolete. It’s not that I think that’s a bad thing; it’s just that it is a complete flip-flop from what candidate Trump was telling his supporters and getting roars of approval. Presidential Press Secretary Sean Spicer said other countries and NATO have changed, not the president. Is he serious?

Candidate Trump spent a year and a half blasting China for manipulating its currency and hurting the U.S. economy. After his very first meeting with China’s President Xi-Jinping, President Trump emerged saying that China does not manipulate its money. That’s a total switch from what he led his followers to believe. I wonder what they think now. I think they are wondering what ever happened to that tough negotiator they thought they voted for.

Before being elected Trump said the U.S. should not be the worlds’ policemen. He urged President Obama not to carry out a well-planned attack by the U.S. and our allies which would have destroyed Syria’s air power. The American people overwhelmingly were opposed to our intervention even though Syria’s Assad had just gassed his own people. So, Obama decided to seek Congressional approval. Congress, by a wide margin, turned thumbs down. So the plan was shelved. Now, Trump,

Congress, and many of the same Americans are blaming Obama for not acting. They’re all just a bunch of headless chickens.

President Trump said he was sending a message to Assad by deploying 59 very expensive cruise missiles to destroy an air base in Syria from which flew the airplane that dropped the poison on innocent Syrian men women and children. Some message! Syria was using the air-strips on the same base the very next day to send out bombers to bomb more innocent Syrian men, women and children. Trump mistakenly acted without any assistance from NATO or our allies, and he wasn’t very effective.

Trump’s flip-flops during his first 100 days in office are unprecedented. President Trump has changed his position on NATO, China, Syria, and Russia. His recent criticism of Russia may be just a political gimmick, since he’s been under fire for his closeness with Putin and Russia.

Candidate Trump’s criticism of President Obama for spending taxpayers‘ money on trips was met with loud approval from his followers. Now that President Trump is on a pace to spend more in one year than Obama spent in his entire 8 years in office I wonder what his followers are thinking. I think it’s just another flip-flop.

Gone is his promise on health care. Now he’s threatening not to fund the Affordable Care Act, leaving millions without health insurance, if Democrats don’t accept Trumpcare. That’s blackmail. Trumpcare is not what he promised his followers, it‘s a disaster.

He promised to protect the environment. Honestly, he did. Now the outcome of his executive orders are threatening to destroy the environment. China now has tougher pollution laws regarding the burning of coal than does the United States. We coerced them into adopting our laws which Trump has now abolished with the stroke of a pen.

Since Trump’s election oil pipelines can be built just about anywhere oil companies wish, native Americans be damned, and soon these companies will drill for oil anywhere they want, even on government protected land, because Trump says it’s okay. President Trump is the most anti-environment president I’ve ever seen. That’s what happens when making a buck becomes more important than the earth itself and the creatures, including some humans living on it.

There have been 250 innocent victims reportedly killed by our Drones since Trump removed the protections Obama had in place protecting civilians. What’s the difference between what Assad did and killing babies by dropping bombs from drones?

Many of the laws protecting our rivers, streams and underground water have been gutted by Trump and the pen used to gut these laws given to the President of Dow Chemical. Ask yourself this; Is there any difference between what Assad did or allowing poison to spew into the air our babies breathe or infiltrate the water they drink? Are American chemical companies and others which do this any less guilty than Assad?

Well, are they?

Glen McAdoo, a Fallon resident, can be contacted at


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