SILVER DOLLARS AND WOODEN NICKELS: Silver to the bypass opening

SILVER DOLLAR: To the Carson City Bypass opening. The bypass opened on Wednesday, 17 years after ground was broken on the project.

Since breaking ground in 2000, construction of the approximately nine-mile I-580 Carson City Freeway has been phased to best utilize available funding.

The project took 20 years to discuss, finalize plans, fund and build, but the concept for the bypass has been talked about since the 1960s.

NDOT estimates 43,000 vehicles daily are projected to use the new southern section of freeway by 2035.

It is that sentence that makes us want to make sure that the bypass doesn’t become a WOODEN NICKEL: Now more than ever we need to make sure we as residents of Eagle Valley are spending our hard earned money at Carson City businesses. Especially in the Carson Street and neighboring street corridors.

While commutes, travel time to some of our favorite outdoor recreation sites and more advantages can be felt by the bypass, we need to live the “shop local” mantra to ensure Carson City businesses continue to thrive in the new business climate.

SILVER DOLLAR: To Grant Davis for his role in “Something Like Summer.” The Carson City native will attend a screening at the Brewery Arts Center, 449 W. King St., at 12:30 p.m. Aug. 15 during the Jukebox Film Festival. “Something Like Summer” is an adaptation of the 2010 novel by Jay Bell. The young adult-themed story examines the journey of two Texas teenage boys who have fallen in love with each other, according to the release. To see the movie trailer, visit

WOODEN NICKEL: To last week’s heat. Thankfully the forecast calls for highs in the 80s and 90s this week. After this week, we could use a nice respite from triple digit temperatures. Keep those in Vegas.


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