Letters to the editor, Friday, Aug. 25, 2017

What good is marijuana?

What good is marijuana? I have not seen anything positive about it. The odor alone is sickening. Smells like a herd of skunks are loose in the neighborhood. I have acquaintances who smoke it regularly and conversations with them are impossible. They are incoherent, forgetful, not too steady on their feet and on the fight if criticized about their consumption. Functioning properly is next to impossible for them. I am allergic to it and cannot tolerate it.

Their body odor leaves a lot to be desired. They stink. The marijuana smoke clings to their hair, skin and clothing. Covering it up with perfume or aftershave is gross. Imagine skunk weed mixed with Giorgio perfume! Operating a vehicle is scary.

So — what’s good about it?!?

Phyllis Skamel

Carson City


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