The Popcorn Stand: They didn’t get burned, they could still watch Game of Thrones

Many of those who came to Burning Man this week had a huge problem. Dealing with the oppressive desert heat? Making sure they had enough supplies to last through the week?

No there were those at Burning Man who were going to miss the season finale of “Game of Thrones.” I admit I’m a cultural moron. I have no idea what this show is or what it’s about. But I hear quite a lot about this show in the news.

And I’ve briefly perused some of the things that were said about Sunday night’s season finale ranging from how disappointing it was to how the season finale “soared.” I also read somewhere some guy in the show shockingly died in the season finale.

But what were “Game of Thrones” fans at Burning Man to do? They need not fret. A screen was set up inside the camp so they could watch the season finale of “Game of Thrones” on Monday night, even if it was a day after the finale aired.

I suggest the state of Nevada capitalize on this concept and hold other types of Burning Man-type events where people can go out to the playa. Super Bowl weekend on the playa for example I think would be pretty big in which people could got out to the desert to watch the Super Bowl. And wouldn’t a Halloween-themed/Nevada Day extravaganza event on the playa make sense, too?

I’ve written before, I’m pretty ambivalent about Burning Man, but do understand why people are attracted to this “counter-culture” festival for a lack of better term. Let’s put it this way, I’ll never have to worry about missing the Super Bowl.

— Charles Whisnand


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