The Popcorn Stand: TMA (too many acronyms)

The old fuddy, duddy can’t keep track of all the millennial terms and acronyms. I ran across this one on Wednesday: LWYMMD. I had to look it up and it stands for Look What You Made Me Do.

It seems our acronyms are getting longer and longer. I thought LOL was bad enough. And with the exception of typing it just now, I’ve never, ever used that acronym.

I still haven’t become too lazy to type something like “That’s funny” or even take the extra time to quote Larry the Cable Guy when I type in “I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.”

So now I’m going to start my own acronym. When somebody texts me something I think is really funny, I’m going to reply with IDCWYATFRT. You figure it out. I think it could actually catch on. Like I said, acronyms are getting longer.

And as I’ve mentioned before so are titles as people seem to think the longer the title is, the more important that makes them sound. Before I wrote I’m the Executive Assistant Editor of the Sierra Nevada Media Group, Nevada Appeal division, newsroom branch.

But assistant doesn’t sound important enough. So from now on, I’m the Executive ASSOCIATE Editor of the Sierra Nevada Media Group, Nevada Appeal Division, newsroom branch. Associate sounds so much more important than assistant doesn’t it? But the acronym hasn’t changed. I’m still the EAESNMGNADNB.

Eventually I think we’ll just talk and text all in acronyms.

So this is the EAESNMGNADNB saying HAND (have a nice day), LOA (love one another) and DWTH (don’t work too hard).

— Charles Whisnand


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