Past Pages for Friday, Sept. 1, 2017

150 Years Ago

M.E. Church Conference: The Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, for this state, will commence its regular session on next Thursday in this place and will be presided over by Bishop Thompson.

130 Years Ago

Buy Nevada land: Carson is having its own land boom in a small way. It is stated that within the last week or two all unapplied land between this city and Ross’ Ranch has been taken up. The Appeal would advise its readers to buy Nevada land, which will rise on its own value without the need of a syndicate to boom it.

100 Years Ago

Two or three revolver shots, fired in rapid succession about 9 o’clock last night in the vicinity of the Capitol building, gave rise to the suspicion about the streets that some individual was taking a pop at another, but investigation revealed that it was Sen. George Kenny, special watchman at the Capitol, taking a few shots at a meandering badger. A bullet through the animals body put an end to its existence and it will likely be made into a muff or mantle to adorn the person of some one of the lady employees of the state. As to which one, the reader is respectfully referred to Sen. Kenny.

70 Years Ago

A tip from a Carson City woman that someone was prowling near her one last night prompted a hurried investigation by local and prison authorities who went on the theory that the person may have been Charles H. Collier, 34, escaped convict.

50 Years Ago

Mrs. Sander Kunze has been named queen of the Sierra Chapter of the Nevada Employees Association. Mrs. Kunze sold the highest number of tickets to gain the title.

30 Years Ago

The chief regulator for Nevada Gaming Control Board said Monday no Nevada tribes have the resources to adequately regulate Indian gaming.

Trent Dolan is the son of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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