Senator Square: Honors biology students interact with nature at Carson High School

CHS Student of the Week sophomore Hallie Newman

CHS Student of the Week sophomore Hallie Newman

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Editor’s note: The following was written by Emma Doty, Christian Garcia-Perez, and Edwin Vasquez, honors biology students at Carson High School.

Students share their thoughts on CHS’ three native habitat gardens as these gardens help attract wildlife, expand learning, and benefit the environment. There are more than 180 native plants growing and thriving on the CHS campus, and these flowers are sure to attract pollinators such as hummingbirds, monarchs, ladybugs, and bees, and there are also some trees in the gardens for birds to nest in or for birdhouses to be hanged. When students visit the garden, they learn about plant cycles and how to care for them. Since birds and bugs like to visit the gardens, students also get to observe these animals to learn more about them because these gardens, fortunately, have a positive impact on the environment. The plentiful plants help reduce carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen as well as remove chemicals from the water in the ground. The trees and plants also absorb noise, which reduces noise pollution, allowing students to study undisturbed. As the school years progress, students modify the gardens in numerous ways adding new types of plants such as milkweed, golden currants, wild roses, and many more. Plants such as milkweed help attract unique pollinators, especially monarch butterflies. Recently, students set up insect houses in order to bring in more beneficial insects. They have also been able to attract a great selection of birds like Brewer’s blackbirds, American robins, and goldfinches. A new project students are working to facilitate are bat homes. It is important to foster a love of nature in young people as classroom learning can become tedious, so it is not always the most effective learning tool. For example, learning about nature has a great bodily-kinesthetic interest impact through hands-on experiences. Plus, it is interesting to watch birds and wildlife check out the gardens. In 2011, the Bordewich-Bray Elementary School Green Team took to the streets, green-clad, and on bikes. They called out to the captive Nevada Day Parade audience to “Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!” The installation of the gardens in front of CHS show teacher Julie Koop’s students heard that message. It is up to everyone to keep the planet alive for future generations, and the gardens are a huge step in the right direction.


The CHS B4 period Honors Government class participated in the “Help a Mother Out” diaper drive during November. Help a Mother Out works to improve baby and family well-being by increasing access to diapers for families in need. A family’s access to a reliable supply of clean diapers reduces risk of infectious disease outbreaks, improves babies’ health and comfort, and enables them participation in early care and educational programs. As part of the Honors Government citizenship curriculum, students picked this community project to fulfill the “giving back to the community” component. Diapers and wipes were donated to the Ron Woods Family Resource Center in Carson City. As per the proven support of the community of Carson City, CHS teacher Angila Golik and her class thank the following for making the diaper drive a reality by allowing filling bins to be placed for donations: NDOT, NDOE, Carson Aquatic Center, First United Methodist Church, Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Salvation Army, and Dollar Tree on North Carson Street.


CHS Future Business Leaders of America held a raffle of two Dutch Bros. gift cards. The cards were donated by Dutch Bros. to raise money for the seven students injured in the car accident in Carson City on Nov. 9. More than $640 was raised through the raffle which was donated to the victims and their families. Congratulations to raffle winners Baily Jacobs and Drew Davalos, and a big thanks to Dutch Bros. for donating the gift cards.


These randomly chosen students demonstrated the life skill of timeliness through perfect attendance and being on time to all their classes. They were awarded a certificate and a movie pass for 2nd Quarter Perfect Attendance for 2017-2018. Jessica Bennett; Megan Owens; Jeremy Heaton; Bryar Fancher; Raul Lopez-Camarena; Jae Acuna; Jose Medina-Torres.


Youth Pastor Tim Plummer of First Presbyterian Church is selling Christmas Trees to support FCA. Fresh-cut trees from Oregon are benefiting both buyer and supplier as all profit goes directly to the Carson High School Fellowship of Christian Athletes directed by lead advisor and science teacher Ty McMillen. This is what FCA is all about, friendliness with others. The goal of FCA this year is to foster unity and support. FCA members serve the Lord Jesus Christ by sharing Him with students and encouraging students to share him as well. Lift Christmas Trees is located across from the Ormsby House in downtown Carson City, the corner of Carson and Sixth streets. Christmas trees are available through Dec. 23, Sunday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Congratulations to Steve Dilley, CHS Teacher of the Month, and congratulations to Kim Arnold, Carson High Support Staff of the Month. Working with these two professionals brings a whole new level to what Mark Twain said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Working with teachers and staff like Steve Dilley and Kim Arnold is a blessing to everyone who knows them.


Senator Square’s CHS Student of the Week is Hallie Newman. Not only does Hallie maintain a 4.0 GPA, she still sets aside enough time to for her friends and fellow students. Some of her favorite classes are geometry, graphic design, and photography. Everyone who knows Hallie, or passes her in the hallway, is left feeling happy and encouraged by this positive young lady. CHS is pleased to have students like Hallie Newman as part of its student body.


This week’s Senior Spotlight shines on Logan Smedes. Logan has a GPA of 4.68 and is finishing his high school career with a schedule that includes four AP classes. Logan has participated in CHS sports as part of the track and field team as well as the cross country team. He is a member of National Honor Society and a three-time Academic Letter recipient. Logan will earn the Nevada state Career and Technical Diploma as he has successfully completed the CHS engineering pathway. In addition to his academics, Logan works many hours a week at Galaxy Theatre where he holds the position of shift lead. Next year, Logan plans to pursue a degree in computer engineering. He has already been accepted to UNR, but is also considering the possibility of continuing his education at either Cal Poly or Oregon State University. Carson High School is very proud of this amazing young man and looks forward to his future accomplishments.

Phil Brady is an English teacher at CHS.


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