Carson City Arby’s reopens Thursday after makeover

Mary and Dusty Brower for the Arby's remodeling.

Mary and Dusty Brower for the Arby's remodeling.

Carson City’s Arby’s reopens Thursday after an interior makeover.

Everything from floor to ceilings is new in the quick-service restaurant on Carson Street, which plans to open its doors again by the afternoon.

The franchise was purchased in June by the Brower family, who 20 years ago operated Sizzler franchises in Carson City, South Lake Tahoe and Truckee, Calif.

Their 20-year license agreement with Arby’s required them to remodel sometime in the next five years, but they decided to get a fresh start.

“We chose to do it as soon as possible,” said Mary Brower, who with her husband Jack owns the franchise. Daughter Dusty oversees business operations and son Ché, who worked in the restaurant before it changed hands, is the manager.

The new owners immediately replaced much of the kitchen equipment, from fryers to ovens, and added a new point of sale system.

“We started on the first day,” said Brower.

The restaurant stayed open during the kitchen rehab and the drive-through operated during the dining room remodel, which started on Dec. 10. De-Javu Construction, Carson City, is the contractor on the job.

The eatery has all new tables, dark tile flooring, red wallpaper and wood tiled walls, tiled ceiling, redone bathrooms, and a new work area with USB ports and outlets where patrons can plug in and recharge. It also has wifi and a TV.

“Not one thing in here is old,” said Brower.

Next up, when the weather warms up in the spring, the Browers plan to paint the building exterior, pave the parking lot, and redo the drive-through.

The restaurant employs about 20 people and the main focus now, said Dusty Brower, is on customer service.

“There’s a bell that you can ring on the way out,” to show you had good service, said Dusty Brower. “That’s exciting for our team.”


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