Lyon County updates on flooding

Mud oozes over Opal Avenue in Silver Springs as a result of heavy rains in central Lyon County.

Mud oozes over Opal Avenue in Silver Springs as a result of heavy rains in central Lyon County.

Central Lyon County experienced localized flooding on Tuesday, said County Manager Jeff Page.

Several streets in the Silver Springs area experienced closure because of running water. U.S. Highway 50 from the junction of U.S. Highway 50 Alternate at the four-way stop to the Ramsey-Weeks Cut off was reduced to one lane of traffic because of water on the roadway.

He said all drainages are flowing with water staying in the banks at this time. Lyon County officials are urging the public to keep all flood mitigation efforts in place. Page said sandbag locations have been left open since the January floods. He said Lyon County crews will continue to monitor roads and drainages and to report any problems.

“There have been no reported fatalities or injuries and no evacuations are in place,” he said. “Lyon County officials have been briefed by the National Weather Service and understand that flooding may continue throughout the week.” ​

Tuesday, 6:01 p.m.

Lyon County is addressing localized flooding issues. Currently many roads in Dayton, Stagecoach and Silver Springs have substantial water flowing down them.

Crews cannot make any repairs to these roads until water stops flowing. Crews are prepared to begin making repairs first thing in the morning as long as water has stopped flowing.

Gravel and native soil roads will be evaluated on the basis of being able to access roads without getting equipment stuck.

Lyon County urges citizens not to call

9-1-1 or Dispatch unless they are experiencing a life threatening emergency. Please call 463-6531 and leave a message if your call cannot be answered or email your road damage to

Lyon County is aware of the inconvenience these storms are causing. Crews cannot make repairs until water stops flowing. We appreciate your patience and understanding


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