Letters to the editor for Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017

Trump revealed true colors on campaign trail

Having voted in approximately 18 presidential elections, I paid close attention to the campaigns, debates, caucuses and other media. I saw some very large red flags.

In recent months I heard our young and beautiful first lady share about her life: “At times it is like I have two boys.” (Baron is a typical 10 year old).

I also heard President Trump’s family state, “He will win, he always wins, even when skiing as children, he would trip our skis because he had to win and be first.”

On his campaign and in debates, candidate Trump issued a statement: “I do hereby declare a ban on all Muslims entering the United States — until they can be fully vetted.”

Donald J. Trump is now my president and I heard his oath that he would be president to all Americans. His cabinet and top aides do not represent all Americans. Our allies share a concern about our relationships with them. I am fearful for my future and the future of my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I trust that many of you will join my personal campaign to pray (seriously) for America and the entire world that our God created.

Ruth M. Wherry

Carson City

More community support for local arts needed

Sunday, Jan. 29, at 3 p.m. the Capital City Community Band presented a concert at the First Presbyterian Church in Carson City. It was free admission. The church is a lovely setting and the acoustics are great. The selections the band played were wonderful.

I was disappointed in the attendance at this event since we keep reading and hearing how Carson City has so few cultural and artistic events for the community. The weather was nice. Where was all the community support? You missed out on some beautiful entertainment.

Enter on your calendars Sunday, March 12, at 3 p.m. in the Bob Boldrick Theater in the Carson City Community Center. The band will be performing and featuring elementary school choirs and various ensembles form the Carson City School District.

Let’s show these young people community support.

Joanna Smith

Washoe Valley

A proposal to pay for Trump’s wall

If President Trump is such a brilliant businessman, why doesn’t he get his billionaire cronies he’s putting in office to pay for the wall and maybe he can get his buddy Putin to invest a billion or two. Since the president is such a genius in business I’m sure he can come up with a plan to make a nice profit on their investment when they get “reimbursed” from Mexico.

But I don’t think the president would ever try anything like this. You see, he cares too much for you and I, the American people. He would rather spend our money on the wall that way we the taxpayer would reap the benefits when we get our money “reimbursed” from Mexico with interest in pesos.

John Cruise


Trump’s dismantling of financial regulations harmful

So I read that Trump is going to roll back Dodd-Frank and the fiduciary regulations. The first of these protect consumers from unscrupulous Wall Street bank practices that got us into our last recession. The second keeps consumers from being ripped off by financial advisors who don’t work for their clients’ best interest but rather for their own, so it seems that screwing everyone to make the rich richer is part of “making America great again.”

Yes, some of these regulations put upon businesses can be ridiculous, but these two were enacted to protect people like you and me from losing our money to advisors who are out for their own gain and big banks from concocting investments that can cause catastrophic failure, leaving us the American people to bail them out once again.

If these banks are left to their own devices there’s a chance of another economic meltdown. How does this possibly help the majority of the American people? It won’t create jobs.

Wally Lasuer


Meager increase to Social Security is ridiculous

In response to the letter to the editor submitted by Lane LePera and published on Feb. 4 regarding the 0.3 percent increase in Social Security payments. I agree wholeheartedly with the absurdity of the raise and the shortfall with actual cost-of-living increases.

What I find even more unbelievable is that, at least in my case, the “bump up” increase in Social Security was offset by the exact same increase in my Medicare premium cost ... that amounts to no increase at all.

Kathy Coleson


Peacemaker or troublemaker?

I am fed up with all the ignorant troublemakers bashing President Trump with slanderous remarks and disruptive, disgusting protests. What’s up with you people? Do you not know three past presidents — Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower — deported all illegal foreigners? No exceptions! So jobs would go to American-born individuals! Any other reason they had is irrelevant now.

Try protesting in Mexico or any country where the people are leaving to come here. You would be shot or spend the remainder of your life in prison.

President Trump is trying to protect American people. They come first! Or at least they should. Perhaps he should run this country like a business. Politics don’t seem to be successful.

Perhaps all that agree to let the foreigners in this country without giving thought to who else will slither in should let the immigrants live with them! Or go back with them to their country!

My family were immigrants also. They did it right. They came in the front door and didn’t make demands! Obama did many things I didn’t like, but I wouldn’t lower myself with the manner of protesting that’s going on now.

Again, Trump is trying to protect America against terrorist rapists, drug lords, disease and murderers! Tell me, what’s good about any of that? All you others who have a vendetta against Trump like abortion. Read your Bible. Also read what it says about homosexuality (Leviticus 18:27 and Romans 1 and 2). Please don’t shove your rainbow flag and sin my way. After all, you refuse the truth and have turned from the almighty.

Bottom line: Give Trump a chance and respect him. He is the president.

Elaine Shields

Carson City


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