Give America a chance

We’re celebrating George Washington’s birthday. At nearly 93 years old, I’m in the “twilight” of my years. During my time on Earth, I’ve experienced a lot of change ... and 2016’s presidential election may be my last. So it’s important for me to impart some thoughts I want to express.

I’ve always told my children; when you make a mistake fess up, quit blaming others, correct your actions. When in a hole, stop digging. Voting is perhaps our most important duty. Be an informed voter, study candidate’s position on issues. Vote the person, not the party. Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” If an office holder hasn’t done the job, vote them out.

Barack Obama promised “Hope and Change.” Where was it? Yes, Obama got Bin Laden. Name something else? Obama’s Middle East policy of “apologizing” for the United States turned the Arab Spring into winter. Embassies attacked, dead diplomats, an Iran on the way to a nuclear bomb. Obama left behind a mess. His signiture “Affordable Care Act,” was anything but affordable. Having health insurance doesn’t amount to a hill-of-beans if you don’t have access to health care.

Obama offered transparency and bipartisanship. His first week in office he proclaimed, “I won, get over it” and later “Republicans have to sit at the back of the bus.” Ever notice how often Obama said I or me, instead of we or us? Obama did two things very well, campaigning and vacationing. He perhaps was the most self-absorbed, self-serving official in our history, and we’ve had some pips when it comes to egos.

Obama added more to our national debt than all previous presidents combined. Food stamp dependency exploded. I’ve never seen a president and first lady take more advantage of their position than the Obama’s. Vacations, often taken separately to exotic places with relatives in tow were the norm. Have any idea how much that has cost for her airplane and security? Instead of an anniversary dinner in the White House, they jetted off to downtown New York City.

I want my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to have it better than I did. Right now I don’t envision a future like that for our country. We desperately need a leader, someone who doesn’t “pass the buck” by blaming others for failures. If I hear once more that Obama didn’t succeed because it was “Bush’s fault,” I’ll scream. Obama was unable to see a world in turmoil, a nation in distress. He was a divider.

Last November we elected Donald Trump to the highest office in our land. He won by a huge electoral college margin. Middle America saw that we needed someone to unite us and get America back to work, knowing we couldn’t afford four more years of a rudderless America. We desperately wanted someone to restore American prosperity. We also wanted an outsider who would “clean the swamp” and secure our borders.

So what has happened? With just a month in office, most mainstream press, George Soros funded groups and others have spent more time and money, constantly bashing Trump and not giving him a chance. Obama is living in Washington to be a thorn in Trump’s side. Bush had plenty to say about Obama, but had the dignity to keep his mouth shut. Most, if not all, previous presidents have done the same.

Even Hillary Clinton, so far, has stayed out of the limelight. So I’m asking all of you reading this to, “Give America a chance.” Wait a while before passing judgment about Trump. Yes, he’s made some rookie mistakes. We know he isn’t a typical politican. However, he’s a fast learner and will make adjustments as required. He’s already done a lot in one month, and much of it in keeping with his campaign promises.

Last weekend, my son Doug and I attended the local Lincoln Day dinner. Sen. Dean Heller and others were present. Protesters, some brought in from elsewhere, were outside. They were peacefully demonstrating their support for keeping Obamacare intact. I sincerely believe changes must be made to our healthcare system. However, I also support the peaceful expression for freedom of speech by those in opposition.

Washington and I have something in common. I worked in the Blue Bell Inn, established in 1743, as a waitress in the 1950s. George slept there during the Revolutionary War. Happy birthday George. I believe he’d also want to “Give America a chance,” won’t you?

Edna Van Leuven is a Churchill County writer and columnist. She may be reached at


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