Feeling good and looking great

Two Towels, Bamboo, candles and pebble of Stones For Natural Massage

Two Towels, Bamboo, candles and pebble of Stones For Natural Massage

You’ve often heard the phrase,” if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.”

So many wonderful businesses have opened in the past few years allowing us to keep our health in check, our bodies toned, our minds clear, and our skin as good as it can be as we continue to age.

It’s not easy getting older — and we all get there — no matter what we do to try to stave it off. Following are a few of the great businesses we recommend to keep you on the path to feeling great and looking good:

ForeverYoungMDSpa is owned by Dr. Gail Krivan, M.D. who has made it her passion to help all look as good as possible, no matter the age. Whether it’s a simple injectable to smooth out wrinkles or a full resurfacing of the skin, Dr. Krivan has a whole bag of wonderful “tricks” that will keep you looking your very youthful best. 461-0535.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger is a well-known anti-aging guru who heads the Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine. He has helped many through the difficult menopausal stage and other ailments using orthomolecular medicine versus allopathic medicine cures. He is an M.D. who has written books on his revolutionary new approach to health, aging and disease prevention. – 884-3990

Paradise Salon-Spa-Wellness can take care of just about every need – from aquatic exercises in their beautiful therapy pool to taking care of every part of your body from head to foot. The staff subscribes to the old adage, “when you look marvelous, you feel marvelous!” 883-4434

Kaia FIT & Tumbleweeds Gymnastics is a women’s only fitness center with the mission to create strong bodies and powerful minds and provide nutrition advise to last a lifetime. 841-4962

Pulse Fitness in Minden offers a bit of everything. Zumba, Yoga, RIPPED, Chisel’d, TRX, Karate, Spin and more as well as all the things you would expect from a fitness center. They offer a 3-day VIP pass so you can try them out. Conveniently located near the Carson Valley Swim Center – 782-2705.

The Change Place is Carson City’s newest wellness center offering personal training, yoga, massage and motivational therapists. It’s a unique total wellness center where you can enjoy music and art. Drop-in encouraged. 283-0699.

Sierra Nevada Holistic Services is all about integrated wellness through massage, meditation, energy work, aroma therapy, and cold laser therapy to relieve pain. 720-2563

Keep your skin in great shape!

Felicity Skin – Full Esthetician services – 843-9316

May Kay Cosmetics – Carol Swanson – 267-0418

Mary’s About Face & Body – Full skin care including body wraps – 841-5969

Massages make you feel great inside and out:

Massage Envy– 267-9400

Sierra Nevada Holistic Services, LLC - 720-2563

The Change Place – 283-0699

Touch of Bliss – 291-9577


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