Mongoose bike brand partnering up with Pioneer High students

Greg Watts

Greg Watts

Mongoose bikes is helping support the Pioneer High School transition program. The transition program helps students into higher education and career paths.

Mongoose is providing bikes, helmets, and all the essentials to maintain a bike. Students will learn bike safety and how to complete basic bike maintenance.

Students will participate in a unit that will teach bicycle maintenance and safety along with other executive functioning skills.

Greg Watts, a 2009 world champion for mountain biking and King of Crankworx as well as the first person to do a double back flip on a bike, will be presenting these lessons to the students.

The transition class sets students up with job shadowing experiences based on career interest surveys. This helps guide a student as they transition from high school into career or academic paths based on their interests and skills.

Driving isn’t always an option for all people for various reasons (medical, financial, etc). The program will help students to obtain employment and become independent young adults.

Once students graduate the program the bike is theirs to keep. Our hope throughout the transition course is students will gain the skills to become independent young adults.

Special thanks go to Greg Watts and the Mongoose bike company for their efforts with the new exciting partnership for Pioneer students.

Tanya Watts is a teacher at Pioneer High School.


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