Past Pages for Sunday, Jan. 15, 2017

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150 Years Ago

Local affairs: Adolph Sutro, Esq. the proprietor of the grand tunnel that bears his name was in town.

Aid for the flour sack man: The Assembly voted one day’s pay from each of its members to R. C. Gridley. The amount is something handsome.

130 Years Ago

A cool man: Senator Briggs came into a saloon for a shave. While he was there some cowboys came in and demanded a shave also. The barbers were all busy. This riled the cowboys, and they opened fire. Briggs was half asleep in his chair when the bullets began to whiz. Briggs waited for the barber, but found he was on the floor dead as a doornail. Briggs remarked: “Say are you the man that killed that barber? Then by thunder, if you are anything of a gentleman you’ll finish shaving me.” The cowboy finished the other half of Briggs’ face with the razor, gave him a shampoo and accepted the dollar.

110 Years Ago

Crowell-Davis: Lucy Sylvia Davis, eldest daughter of the editor of the Appeal, was married to Raymond B. Crowell, son of Mrs. T B. Rickey, at the Larkswood ranch, the residence of the bride. The house was decorated with flowers, ferns and evergreens and after the ceremony, the guests sat down to a merry repast. The bride was dressed in white crepe de chine over white silk with skirt train, and waist trimmed with Irish point lace and pearls. The couple will go to London where Mr. Crowell will represent the Barsness Exploration Company and finish his degree in London.

70 Years Ago

Proposed hospital land donation: Mr. and Mrs. F. Raffetto of Reno who own a large ranch north of Carson City, made an offer to donate a five-acre plot to the hospital. The plot suggested is five acres on Winnie Lane, near the upper corner of the property and in close proximity to the water line serving Carson City — on high ground and with a beautiful view. Raffetto, a prominent Reno attorney, was born on what is now the Eagle Valley ranch at the foot of Lakeview grade. Mrs. Raffetto is the composer of Nevada’s state song.

50 Years Ago

Photo caption: The new L.D.S. Church located at the base of “C” Hill and overlooking the city is the culmination of nearly two years of actual building efforts and several years of planning and financing. It will be the religious cultural center for church members living in the Carson City area ...

20 Years Ago

Red leather chairs: Items that stand out in the $19 million expansion of the Legislative Building, are the $745 a copy red leather chairs in the Senate and Assembly. More than 200 were purchased. According to Legislative Counsel Bureau chief Lorne Malkiewich, “You can’t get a cheaper chair than that.”

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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